Behold the power of Pax Mexicana

Carlos Lobo of the powerful Lobo clan of Honduras was sentenced to 20 years in a US Federal Pen after pleading guilty as charged. Long accustomed to wielding power in the Honduran social order Lobo failed to prepare for the Mexican cartel strategy of eliminating by any means necessary the indigenous apex traffickers of the Caribbean basin states they operate in. From one time ally to expendable throw away who you gave up to the US Federal authorities. Learn from this example and those from Guatemala for the apex traffickers of the Caribbean island chain are next in line. And learn from the silence of Carlos Lobo as there is always family to consider. Watch the video on Manaus, Brazil as Pax Mexicana has turned the Amazon river into the cocaine river and the river of cocaine addiction in keeping with its strategy to flood retail and wholesale illicit drug markets in the areas where they transition products. This is maximising profits and creating the Mexican social order. Read the Daily Herald story of human trafficking from St Martin about trafficking on the cheap unlike that of Pax Mexicana. And finally read the story of cocaine interdicted at JFK international airport originating from Guyana noting the quantity of cocaine carried by the mule. This and other interdictions from Guyana at JFK indicate that Guyana is floating on a sea of cocaine given the quantities mules are caught attempting to move into the US. These are but further instances of the power of Pax Mexicana, the hegemony wielded over the illicit trades of the Caribbean basin. Link this to the fact that we are the murder capital of the world.

December 12, 2014 The press release of the US DEA on Lobo is now listed. Remember there is a Lobo organisation. Wonder who will now deal with this group.

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