Islamic State network in the southern Caribbean?

On CCN TV 6 a father with legal custody of his two children came forward insisting that his children were abducted by their mother and on their way to Syria for the purpose of Hijrah to Islamic State. The father outlined a plausible travel route to Europe from Suriname and once in Europe then the next move is to Turkey and across the porous Turkish/Syrian border into Islamic State. This follows the return to Trinidad of children transported to Syria by their biological father. As usual these realities are left to rumours and conjecture as there is no education of the public on the nature of the operations of Islamic State in T&T much less  for the southern Caribbean. If the claims of the father prove correct we are now faced with a sophisticated network that is in fact a pipeline that has movement in both directions. Again the pressing question to the broken windows man is: “have you determined the identity of the Islamic State shaykh?” We are reacting to actions where is the dismantling?—5210-285176111.html

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