Is Islamic State sending a message to the US via Trinidad and Tobago.

Juergen Todenhoeger of Germany negotiated his way into receiving from the Kaliph of IS permission for a six day visit to IS. Todenhoeger and his son visited Mosul and it is interesting to note that in the BBC report foreign fighters from the UK, US, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago were listed as having contact with Todenhoeger. T&T is placed in a most vaunted list of countries of the North that are in fact targets for Islamic extremist attacks or planning to carry out attacks. This is but another instance where the propaganda machine of IS has ensured that fighters from T&T are highlighted and the strategic question is why? Why the emphasis on fighters drawn from the Southern Caribbean, the weak underbelly of the US ? Again the emphasis placed by the leadership of IS speaks to the existence of structure in T&T. Denial driving public relations flim flam is a certain recipe for disaster.

Al Maqdisi is the most prominent Salafi-Jiahdi sheik alive today and in keeping with his rejection of the actions of his student al Zarqawi he has now launched an attack on Islamic State. Al Maqdisi is spelling out the antagonistic difference in worldview between Salafi-Jihadis and IS and the battle that the Salafi-Jihadis are losing today. But in T&T and the Southern Caribbean this clash of worldviews is of no consequence because IS is the latest hot brand to wear. First Islam differentiated one black race from another, then the new brand became Salafi-Jihadism to further differentiate the two black races and the latest brand is now IS. Punitive control of the womb of women to prevent miscegenation drives the  dance with IS.

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