2015: The REALITY

I write on the final day of 2014 and all the signs point to the advance of the Mexican order in the Caribbean in  2015 with specific aspects of the agenda of the Mexican cartels carded to be unleashed in the Caribbean island chain . The best model to study and understand our future through is Honduras today. Honduras is now an offshore manufacturing location for the production of powdered cocaine and methamphetamine. Coca paste produced in the coca lands is now moved to Honduras by Mexican dominated organisations. Jamaica is already linked to the Honduran pipeline which means Haiti, The Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the DR are also linked. This is in fact the most potent pipeline under construction by the Mexicans in the Caribbean. The strategic decision to establish a manufacturing presence in Honduras has resulted in two related realities: the dismantling of the social order via gun violence carried out by gangland affiliates of the Mexican cartels especially Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18 and the dismantling of the Honduran trafficking order where Honduran trafficking families are now under assault by Mexican cartels for their turf. Since these traffickers wield social/political power in the Honduran social order the end result is endemic violence making it the murder capital of the world. These realities will sweep over the nations that comprise the Honduran pipeline in 2015 making for a rough ride. A continued reduction of the murder rate in Jamaica in 2015 will indicate the establishment of the Mexican order over Jamaican gangland and the focus of the Jamaican gangland affiliates of the Mexican cartels on making lots of money rather than on deprivation driven communal warfare. The same is noted in the case of the murder rate in Puerto Rico and in all cases politicians and police beat their chest on their job well done. Visualise what happens in the Caribbean pipeline when the Mexicans move to eliminate the indigenous Caribbean traffickers utilising among other tools their gangland affiliates? What happens in Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean depends upon the advance of the Mexican cartel agenda for Venezuela. What is obvious is the advancing agenda for Venezuela and this will impact Trinidad and Tobago in 2015. The attraction as always is to establish manufacturing operations in Venezuela hence the discovery of the semi-submersible under construction in Guyana in 2014. What is certain as 2014 ends is that a tsunami of illicit product via mules and swallowers left the Caribbean for the US, Canada and Europe and this is the strategy of the Mexican cartels on the ground in the Caribbean island chain. An increasingly growing portion of this tsunami is under the control of the Caribbean gangland affiliates of the Mexican cartels and these affiliates now run transnational trafficking enterprises moving Mexican product. Pax Mexicana. Today is my final day of employment at UWI, St Augustine. It was not a pleasure. My silence is not given but what then is the motive?



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