Throughout the Caribbean the issue is not that we have a crime problem but the reality that we have an intractable problem with POLICING the social order. The core issue is then ensuring policing is now responding to reality on the ground not reality as framed by the politicians and the managerial elite of Caribbean policing including T&T. To grapple with  the present reality in Trinidad and Tobago it is necessary to follow what is going on in other Caribbean states. It is instructive that January 2015 in Jamaica has commenced with an alarming increase in the murder rate compared to January 2014 with the areas of Spanish Town/St. Catherine and Montego Bay/St. James being the hottest areas of activity which are in the past the areas of acute gang engagement and intense illicit drug trafficking activity. Given  the fact that Jamaica is now part of the pipeline that links Honduras, Guatemala and other Central American states to the north Caribbean pipeline there is now a monetary reason to go to war until the Order of the pipeline is hegemonic on the ground. In 2014 the Jamaican Constabulary reported a dramatic decline in gang related murders and a rise in non-gang murders pointing to a north Caribbean pipeline induced feeding frenzy. What is the reality in Jamaica is the continued failure to dismantle organised crime groups linked to the pipeline. This failure of policing leaves Jamaica at the mercy of the evolution of the pipeline and the violence derived from this evolution. The problem is then POLICING. The Dominican Republic the hub of the north Caribbean pipeline is presently playing the politics of dealing with a major instance of corruption within its anti drug agency. Which is yet another potent indicator of the endemic corruption that drives the state institutions of the DR and the impunity drug traffickers enjoy in the DR. The issue again is then POLICING. Nothing is uniquely different in T&T. The core issue here is the failure of policing to respond to the 21st century reality of crime in T&T. For this failure the managerial elite of the T&T Police Service has to accept full blame. If the politicians of T&T stymie all requests to carry the service into the 21st century then the managerial elite must inform the nation of this reality. This is not being political this is being responsible to the nation you have pledged to defend. The colonial order supposedly died in August 1962 but it never did and it is the duty of those charged with national security to put politicians in their place. Managerial incompetence and corruption destroys the ability of any state institution to respond to the threats posed by the Caribbean illicit drug trade in the 21st century. There is no breathing space to act now means we are already late. Click on the links and experience the discourse of weakness sends the right message to Pax Mexicana.

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