Islamic State 2015: The illicit drug connection

A video from Vice News reportedly displays the illicit drug stash of an IS commander who was killed in battle. The link between IS and the drug trafficking organisations of the Caribbean and Brazil is now becoming manifest.  I wrote and published in 2004 a long, long time ago Islamic extremists seeking to fund their activities have long established an operational presence in the Caribbean and Latin American drug trade. Today in Beirut, Lebanon it is now apparent that Lebanon is part of the West African and Brazilian pipelines moving cocaine into this area. From Lebanon it is a short trip to the dealers of IS. The dominant reason for the operational presence in the Caribbean and Latin America is the illicit trades but those bent on military engagement can utilise the illicit pipeline for their own purpose. That is the price we will pay for having these pipelines operating with impunity. Never forget Paris 2015.

I have previously posted on the two children one of whom is a US citizen who left T&T without their father’s consent as the parent with sole custody granted by the Courts of T&T. The father subsequently reported that the US Embassy Trinidad reported that the US citizen was traced to an entry in the Netherlands, EU and subsequently disappeared. The question for the minister of national insecurity is how does a US citizen with his father holding his valid US passport acquire a valid and legal travel document to leave T&T and enter The Netherlands? Can this process happen in the reverse thereby allowing insurgents to acquire T&T documents that allow the freedom  to live and operate in T&T?

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