The Caribbean gun trade

In 2006 I published “Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean” Volume 2 which wrote of the new reality of a transnational illicit small arms trade under the control of the transnational drug trafficking organisations that since the decade of the 1990s was flooding the Caribbean with illicit small arms. After much hand wringing by successive governments nothing has been done to dismantle this illicit trade in the Caribbean and today it has evolved to the era of Pax Mexicana. I am bringing you two instances of the reality of the trade today in the Caribbean. In 2013 in St Kitts two automatic assault rifles were interdicted but both assault rifles were reworked by a gunsmith who removed the stock rifle barrel and replaced them with chrome plated shortened barrels. Reconfiguring these assault weapons for close quarters urban engagement capable of eating the standard vests issued to Caribbean police officers. On January 12, 2015 on the TV 6 program “Beyond the Tape” the interdiction of an AR 15 automatic assault rifle with a chrome plated short barrel and an extended ammunition clip was aired. There is then a transnational organised crime enterprise that is supplying the same weapons to St Kitts and T&T. The possible alternate explanations are not real especially since all of the assault rifles are manufactured outside of the Caribbean. Never forget: the wages of my expertise is vagrancy. Click on the St Kitts link first and watch the fire power in St Kitts.

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