I dare you to READ!!!

Listin Diario of the Dominican Republic has published an alleged demand letter from US convicted illicit drug trafficker Paulino Quirino to former president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez for the re-payment of money with interest Quirino allegedly passed to Fernandez as a political investment in 2002. Quirino was extradited to the US and subsequently sung the most potent songs of informer where persons in the trade were extradited to the US who then sung also creating the choir boys of the Dominican Republic. Quirino was subsequently released for time spent in jail and his docket sealed by the US authorities and has now launched a programme to recover his assets seized in the DR and to collect on his political and other investments. This  is a move on his part fraught with danger but play he must. Click the link and read the letter. Imagine one such letter surfacing in T&T. Wait on it! The Caribbean narco-democracies doesn’t exist only in the minds of those in denial. The story of Paulino Quirino is found in my books: “Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean Volume 2” and “Cocaine Trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the era of the Mexican cartels” available at Amazon etc.


The Dominican Today February 10, 2015 has published a report where Quirino Paulino has confirmed that he did  in fact hand over drug money to then presidential candidate Leonel Fernandez and according to Paulino Fernandez was elected via drug money funding his campaign. What did Fernandez do for the Paulino organisation? T&T wait on it your turn next. Click the link:


Those who delude themselves by believing that my description of the Mexican order of Mexican transnational organised crime (MTNOC) is myth, lies and at best half-truths. Then read the following: “El Sicario an autobiography of an assassin” edited by Mary Molloy and Charles Bowden. “Dreamland” and “Murder City” by Charles Bowden. There are those who insisted that El Sicario was fabricated now the life of the assassin is run of the mill expose for Mexican media. Those who insist in T&T vote for them and we shall rise and vote for them for good governance cannot make real their slogans without grasping this new reality of the Caribbean. Political bi-polar perceptions cannot perceive the worldview that drives MTNOC. Wrap your mind around the discourse of Santa Muerte and the rise of La Raza from the oppression of colonial dominance. Understand the dance with Aztec rituals of the sacredness of blood and understand the orgy of blood-letting by the devotees of Santa Muerte. Denial has failed miserably now deal with what is real.

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