A Lesson on the ORDER of the Mexican cartels

The preferred weapons of the cartels are: AK 47 ( the goat’s horn/with extended clip) assault rifle, AR-15 assault rifle, 40 caliber and 9 mm handguns. “Los Zetas are like a metastasizing cancer. Migrants are recruited. Soldiers are recruited. Policemen, mayors, businessmen-they’re all liable to become part of the web”. “Their secret is simply fear. They shake the bones of policemen, and taxi drivers, lawyers and migrants. All you need to do to get someone to dance the dance of fear is to utter the famous, simple motto: we are Los Zetas”. “El Commandante Mateo had brought order to Tabasco. He and his henchmen explained the rules to the small local gangs like this: join or leave the state”. “THE BEAST” by Oscar Martinez pgs 114,115 and 118. The Beast was written on the journeys of Martinez through Mexico with migrants from Central America to the US/El Norte. Click the link:


US ICE reported the dismantling of a trafficking organisation that moved drugs from Venezuela to Puerto Rico. The description of the order of the trafficking organisation indicates an operation run by Mexican cartel affiliates. The drugs are sent on credit to be paid for upon saleĀ  and a fiscales/hostage has to be handed over by the recipient of the drug shipment to the Mexican cartel. Fail to pay the fiscales dies graphically then you. Anyone close to the recipient of the drugs on credit can be the designated fiscales especially your children and those in the US, UK, Canada etc are not out of the reach of the cartel. Wonder who was the fiscales for the Norfolk shipment? I deliberately chose to quote from “THE BEAST” given the fact that the pioneer Mexican cartel to open up T&T was Los Zetas. A threat spawned external of T&T must be studied in its genesis environment and this requires reading, books yes knowledge. To dismiss this knowledge is to refuse to deal with the threat settling for cheap propaganda which solves nothing.

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