Drug Traffickers and the Caribbean State

I have insisted that from the second half of the 1960s the process of creating the Caribbean  narco trafficking states  commenced. Caribbean narco democracies then maintain a facade of western liberal democracy founded on the rule of law whilst in fact drug traffickers have over time formed operational links to Caribbean states especially the political elites which made these traffickers strategically necessary/sacrosanct to the political elites in their daily functioning. I have paid the price for this position but in 2015 the evidence is now appearing in the public domain in the Caribbean. In the latest salvo from convicted drug trafficker Paulino Quirino delivered via skype Quirino is now insisting that the power he wielded in DR’s social order enabled him to protect Fernandez’s and Bautista’s deposits and recover said deposits in the failed BANINTER even though the bank was under state control as a result of its collapse. Quirino insists on the power he wielded over the head of BANINTER which raises the question of BANINTER laundering for Quirino? Bautista presently a senator is a player in the re-construction of post 2010 earthquake hit Haiti is presently on a number of corruption charges. Presently in Curacao a member of the Parliament of Holland has put in the public domain the allegation supposedly based on official documents that a member of the Curacao intelligence agency sold access to files to specific politicians who were connected to a member of the Italian mafia. These politicians then formed the government and proceeded to open said files to transnational criminal elements. The intelligence agency was in fact destroyed in order to facilitate transnational organised crime. The harm done to the security of Curacao when transnational organised crime penetrated the intelligence service is irreversible. What we have today then is a criminal state that is a pipeline to the EU. If you follow the press reports of the Tivoli Commission in Jamaica it is painfully clear the price Jamaica pays  for garrison politics but today it has evolved to the stage where in Tivoli a militia armed and outfitted to match the JDF manned the Tivoli perimeter to prevent the incursion of the state into Tivoli. A militia outfitted to match the JDF can only exist because of the drug trade and the complicity of the political elites with the trade. When Charles “Lil Nut/Modeler”  Miller and his right hand men insisted that it is their organisation that placed a political party in power in St Kitts and Nevis many said it was just the lies of a crass drug trafficker but now the real will become manifest. Pax Mexicana!




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