Pax Mexicana marches on without HINDRANCE

Those who follow this blog from its commencement will by now understand the nature of the order of the Mexican cartels. This week evidence was unearthed as to the potency of Pax Mexicana where a shipment of shredded coca leaves disguised as mata was on its way from Bolivia to Lebanon via Chile for processing into cocaine hydrochloride/powdered cocaine. The order has now determined that an offshore cocaine production platform will exist in the Middle  East. It is highly probable that the producers/traffickers of the Bakaa Valley in Lebanon are the partners in this venture. A message to the pre Mexican order of the  Caribbean that all Arabs are not the same and a new order of dominance is in motion. Quirino Paulino is now back in the Dominican Republic and he gave an indication of the power he wields within the state apparatuses of the DR with the manner in which he exited the airport  he arrived at apparently escorted by airport security. The protocol governing re-entry of convicted persons to the DR was it is reported simply not applied to Quirino. The power of “El Don”. It was also reported that El Don and his top Lieutenant who was also extradited to the US and like Quirino sang like canaries to US authorities are back in the DR with their DR wealth amassed from drug trafficking intact. Quirino has also indicated that his assets seized by the government of DR must be returned as he was never convicted of a crime meriting asset seizure in the DR. A spirit lash for the corrupt politicians courtesy the US. Qurinio is in fact calling out the politicians and their trafficking allies to terminate with extreme prejudice. The reality in all of this is that Qurinio was always the lackey of the drug trafficking organisations first the Colombians/Venezuelans then the Mexicans. Never the player as he touched the product for players don’t touch the product. As they fight at this level the players run their trafficking enterprise untouched without hindrance and disturbance. So much for the wars on drugs and winning it. Finally in T&T as we witness the explosion of cocaine on the ground level spawning a gaggle of organisations seeking to place mules and swallowers in Europe, the US, Canada and other Caribbean islands. The product mix now includes heroin and marijuana. Then there is the debate about porous borders the question arises as to seagoing assets purchased and launched by the previous PNM government. This week we learned on CCN TV6 that they are parked up on land in Chaguarams rotting in the sun and rain for want of repairs to render them sustainably seaworthy. From 2010 to 2015 as these assets were sidelined no replacement assets were purchased and in 2015 they are still outstanding leaving T&T naked in the era of Pax Mexicana. This is the T&T that wants to take on IS? With what? Time for me to leave this place!;_ylt=AwrBEiLDBfdU7RIAMo_QtDMD—294760741.html—294936891.html


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