REVELATION St Lucia and Police killings

On March 8, 2015 Dr Kenny Anthony PM of St Lucia addressed the nation on the issue of the report of CARICOM IMPACS on its investigation of some 12 persons killed by members of the Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in 2010 and 2011. The PM indicated that the IMPACS report will not be placed in the public domain forcing this analysis to be based on what was revealed by the PM’s address. From 2010-2011 some 12 civilians were killed by members of the RSLPF the majority of them in the Castries basin. In the 2011 US State Department Country Report on Human rights Practices: St Lucia it states: “12 potentially unlawful fatal police killings during the year.” The US then placed the squeeze on St Lucia by withdrawing financial and other support for the St Lucia Coast Guard, ending all support for the RSLPF, banning participation of the RSLPF in all programs funded and manned by the US and the revocation of US entry visas of senior managers of the RSLPF. The new PM Kenny Anthony then commissioned IMPACS to investigate the matter as the US pressure was now telling. The IMPACS report of its investigation states: (1) that death lists created by members of the RSLPF existed, (2) all the killings  reviewed were “fake encounters” staged by the Police to legitimise their actions, (3) weapons found on the scene of the killings were planted on the victims, (4) a number of shootings listed as murders committed by unknown assailants in the official statistics were committed by police officers, (5) complicity to enable said killings pervaded the entire hierarchy of the RSLPF even at its highest level. The bombshell of the report revealed so far is the statement as follows: “that the crime problem in St Lucia is facilitated by corrupt politicians/government officials, business persons and police officers.” The three horsemen of the apocalypse have then unleashed upon St Lucia a crime wave. What then is the major illicit enterprise that feeds the three horsemen in St Lucia: the illicit drug trade. The war that broke out in 2008 was initially a ganja drug war as attempts were underway to globalise St Lucia’s position in the Caribbean ganja trade. This globalisation meant the dominance of forces external of St Lucia especially Jamaican transnational organised crime over the trade. But whilst this move was in motion the strategy of the Mexican cartels for the Eastern Caribbean was also in motion. Both agendas were complementary as Jamaican transnational organised crime in the Caribbean are affiliates of the Mexican cartels and alarm bells went off in the ranks of the old trafficking order of St Lucia. The RSLPF then became the militia of the old order in an attempt to hold back the march of globalisation of the Caribbean drug trafficking in the image and likeness of the Mexican cartels. This war is not over and the momentum is on the side of the Mexican cartels. Pax Mexicana is hegemonic over the Caribbean Basin and the old trafficking order of St Lucia don’t have enough digits to plug the plague of leaks in their dyke. Best advice: sell out and run.

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