Handal takes the fall: the first of those to do so

In 2013 Jose Miguel Handal of San Pedro Sula, Honduras was indicted in a Florida federal district court USA for illicit drug trafficking in the service of the Sinaloa Federation and Los Zetas of Mexico. His father and wife were also named by the US authorities as participants in the illicit enterprise. On March 12, 2015 Jose Handal was arrested in San Pedro Sula having failed to flee Honduras or simply change his identity. Handal is the first trafficker of Arab origin of San Pedro Sula and Honduras to have his enterprise dismantled whilst being in the service of the Mexican cartels. The Mexican cartels purge of Honduras continues and its noteworthy that in San Pedro Sula it now involves an Arab origin trafficker. A message sent hope its received, understood and acted upon. Welcome to the Mexican cartel ride. My reporting of reality since the 1990s has nothing to with race hate and jealousy just explaining an ever evolving reality which has only brought me poverty, no profit, no gain. Again what I said will happen is now being rolled out in living jail and lick up. Wait on it! Pax Mexicana!!!




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