My position on the Caribbean drug trade confirmed

To read the section on Central America and the Caribbean of the 2014 INCB report places in perspective the reality  of the illicit drug trade of the Caribbean Basin from a source other than myself. My position is then confirmed by the international narcotics control  board but the incb as usual fails to explain the dynamic on the ground. The 2015 INCS report of the US state department reveals in living colour the US concern over the Caribbean as they reduce their asset footprint devoted to drug interdiction in the Caribbean. The reality is multiple pipelines to the US from the Caribbean as seen in the report on The Bahamas and Jamaica. A reality I explained since 2102 with my book “Cocaine trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the era of the Mexican cartels.” The government of The Bahamas is presently criticised for targeting Haitian illicit migrants to The Bahamas but the reality is that the nature of human smuggling has dramatically changed from Haiti to The Bahamas as the days of the creaky, leaking sloops are long gone as modern, sophisticated vessels carrying multiple illicit cargoes leave Haiti for The Bahamas. The transformation of Haitian gangland and the evolution of Haiti as a major transit point for a multiplicity of illicit cargoes leaving Haiti destined for various destinations in the region and the US continue to be absent from dominant discourse given the drastic failure of US actions in Haiti since the removal of Aristide by a drug militia to this day. The drug trade of the Dominican Republic is now rooted and operational in Haiti where Haitian drug organised crime supply DR drug demand. The organic changes are all the product of Pax Mexicana and what is now potently apparent is the power exercised by the Caribbean gangland affiliates of Pax Mexicana over gangland in the Caribbean which is destined to increase in potency with time and the chronic failure of Caribbean states to effectively respond to the threat. Caribbean politicians are noted for impotency on this reality. The US has then retreated to engagement with Central America and Puerto Rico. The Commander of SOUTHCOM has stated in his last appearance to the Senate committee that once the product enters Central America it disappears practically absolved from interdiction. The focus on Puerto Rico has revealed the pipeline linked to Central America and South America that not only targets Puerto Rico but also the Eastern seaboard of the US the most profitable US drug markets with heroin being the profit spinner. The Caribbean pipelines to the  US are then primary heroin pipelines to the Eastern seaboard of the US. The US is then in triage mode in its war on drugs in the Caribbean Basin today but what is happening is that non-priority areas of the Caribbean are switched on moving product to the US constituting a tsunami of product to the US. Governments of the Caribbean who have signally failed to address this reality especially those who can afford the cost of response and did nothing are in fact the greatest gifts to Pax Mexicana today. Having sown the wind you can feel the whirlwind already on your face. I dare you to feel it. April 20, 2015: Two drug interdictions again  point to the march of the Caribbean trade and the accuracy of my analysis. In Haiti a ship in port was found to be carrying 77 kgs of  cocaine and 10 kgs of heroin. In a land where foreign NGOs wield more power than the state the drug trade rules. The other is 2.2 tonnes of cocaine interdicted on a yacht off Martinique leaving open the issue of where the product was headed: Europe directly or to Martinique/Guadeloupe and other eastern Caribbean islands or to a waiting ship in international waters. The reality is the volume of product being moved and the diversity of trafficking options presently utilised in the Caribbean.

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