Caribbean drug trade: understand the message from the US

On Friday last the US Coast Guard San Juan sector announced that 4, 33 foot high speed special purpose interceptor craft will be placed in the US Virgin Islands two on St Thomas and on St Croix. In addition 6 fast response Coast Guard cutters have been assigned to the US Coast Guard San Juan sector with the first to arrive in summer 2015. The San Juan sector comprises Puerto Rico and the US Virgin islands. Whilst the US is in 2015 reducing the assets committed to drug interdiction in non-US jurisdictions in the Caribbean basin it has circled the wagons in its own territories implementing the fortress USA strategy where a ring of steel will be erected to handle the assault on the borders of US territories in the Caribbean as the first line of defence of the US homeland. The US in 2015 faced with the tsunami of product launched from the Caribbean basin and the failure and /or unwillingness of the narco-democrasies of the Caribbean basin to deal with the threat emanating from their state has now adopted its fall back position. Don’t swallow the flowery diplomatic discourse monitor the military strategy of the US in the Caribbean as they are both out of sync. Pax Mexicana. Think about those Caribbean states who have the money to buy but refused to buy military assets for their own ring of steel. Progreso magazine of Mexico published a story of the Cuinis drug trafficking organisation of Mexico which stands above all the cartels pushed in the media as Sinaloa Federation. Cuinis supply product to Europe and is untouched in its operations supposedly making it the richest and most powerful drug trafficking group in the world today. Finally the propaganda of the West is being questioned. The famous cartels on the ground in Mexico are the visible and expendable arms of a structure that runs an illicit industry from the shadows and the most powerful members of this structure are the international traffickers not those who touch the product on its way to the US. These faceless operatives meet with the captains of capitalism daily as this structure is fully integrated into globalised capitalism. El Chapo is not the face of this group just the expendable errand boy. Stop believing that the structure is driven by self made street thugs who rose through the ranks. That is just a dream sold to young recruits for gang life. The structure created and unleashed Pax Mexicana on the Caribbean basin as one of its strategic options to rule the world. Think on it.

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