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Mexican coyote style human smuggling: the St Lucia case

The 38 Cuban nationals intercepted by US Coast Guard found to have St Lucia tourist visas in their passports point to the integration of St Lucia into the routes of human smuggling in the Caribbean today under the control of the Mexican cartels. The primary reality is that the boatload of Cubans, some 90 plus of them, was interdicted off the US Virgin Islands. The following questions arise: was the group of Cubans seeking to reach US territory in the US Virgin islands? The US Virgin islands is east of Cuba away from the US mainland. Was this group of Cubans being moved by the coyotes via the circuitous route to evade the heavily patrolled run to the Florida coast? Was the 38 Cubans with St Lucia tourist visas being moved for a legal entry into St Lucia then another legal jump to another territory towards reaching Central America? Did the 38 Cubans have said visas and the others did not because of their ability to pay the coyotes for a premium service? How did 38 Cubans apply for and receive St Lucia tourist visas when according to the Prime Minister of St Lucia Cubans do not need said visas to enter St Lucia? Were these visas supplied by a state  official supplying services to the Mexican coyotes? Yet another issue involving the movement of people into St Lucia as the Lambirds Academy affair or persons having St Lucia visas in their possession. Lambirds Academy remains a mystery as an entity created by direct foreign investment with the intent to supply education to Asian students suddenly went belly up when persons connected to the enterprise were charged with various offences including human trafficking. Was the academy an entry point and holding bay for those seeking to eventually enter the US and Canada?  Update May 31, 2015 The St Lucia government has stated that a US diplomatic note indicated that the boat interdicted off the US Virgin Islands holding the Cubans came from St Lucia and the issue was never St Lucia visas in some 38 passports of Cubans on the interdicted boat. The Cubans were then transported to St Lucia loaded on the vessel and departed St Lucia or the boast left St Lucia and along the way to the point where it was interdicted Cubans were picked up. See what Mexican cartels are doing in the Eastern Caribbean!!! Pax Mexicana

Note the trademark on the product: the reality

The RCMP of Canada  announced the dismantling of a trafficking organisation in Canada linked to the Mexican cartels and their Colombian affiliates involved in moving product from Guyana and Antigua amongst other supply points to Canada. The RCMP made it clear that Mexican cartels in the Caribbean were moving product to Canada. Then 18 kilos of cocaine seized in Tobago when displayed to the public carried the trademark of one of the largest producing/trafficking organisations in Colombia affiliated to the Mexican cartels. This Colombian affiliate is known for shipping multi-tonne loads to central America for the Mexican cartels and their marked product has appeared in Tobago now. This organisation simply is not in business to sell 20 kilo lots to buyers. Pax Mexicana. Additional information has appeared in public on the activities of William Herbert Jr founder of the People’s Action Movement of St Kitts/Nevis. Herbert and his party aboard his yacht disappeared and their bodies were never found leaving room for much speculation but what is most clear is the complicity of Caribbean politicians with the illicit businesses of the Caribbean thereby creating the Caribbean narco-democracies. I deal with St Kitts in my book: “Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean Vol 2”.—301497161.html