Note the trademark on the product: the reality

The RCMP of Canada  announced the dismantling of a trafficking organisation in Canada linked to the Mexican cartels and their Colombian affiliates involved in moving product from Guyana and Antigua amongst other supply points to Canada. The RCMP made it clear that Mexican cartels in the Caribbean were moving product to Canada. Then 18 kilos of cocaine seized in Tobago when displayed to the public carried the trademark of one of the largest producing/trafficking organisations in Colombia affiliated to the Mexican cartels. This Colombian affiliate is known for shipping multi-tonne loads to central America for the Mexican cartels and their marked product has appeared in Tobago now. This organisation simply is not in business to sell 20 kilo lots to buyers. Pax Mexicana. Additional information has appeared in public on the activities of William Herbert Jr founder of the People’s Action Movement of St Kitts/Nevis. Herbert and his party aboard his yacht disappeared and their bodies were never found leaving room for much speculation but what is most clear is the complicity of Caribbean politicians with the illicit businesses of the Caribbean thereby creating the Caribbean narco-democracies. I deal with St Kitts in my book: “Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean Vol 2”.—301497161.html

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