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The Caribbean HEROIN trail: BELIZE points the way

The arrest in Belize of a number of persons allegedly found with 16.5 pounds of heroin in their possession points to the Caribbean heroin trail to the eastern seaboard of the US with Belize as an entry point in the smuggling chain through the Caribbean island chain and especially through Caricom. A pound of heroin supplied by the Mexican cartels in the North-East US wholesales for at minimum USD 50,000 simply do the math and ponder on the wholesale value of this single seizure. The size of the seizure is in keeping with the smuggling methodology to utilise various smuggling methods moving small quantities unlike cocaine. In the decade of the 1990’s the US extradited non-nationals of T&T who were part of such a heroin smuggling organisation to the US but the remnants based in T&T were never dismantled by T&T law enforcement and left waiting to be re-activated by the Mexican overlords. It is now of note that cocaine mixed with cobalt which nullifies its smell etc was discovered in Europe pointing to the ongoing investment in technology to make cocaine undetectable by the present means of detection utilised. This cocaine/cobalt mixture is injectable allowing insertion into legal cargo. In this phony war on drugs the nature of the trafficker is never made public for obvious political reasons.

LNG, Trinidad and Tobago and the NEW ORDER

Nothing has fundamentally changed since my last posting on LNG as Asian spot prices per MMbtu is still below 8 USD because of a flood of new supply faced with waning demand. But in the face of this reality the revolution created by the export of US shale gas LNG is being rolled out destined to deeply impact the LNG markets of the world as early as December 2015. US exporters especially Cheniere are selling LNG on contract not to consumers but to traders who have  indicated their intent to re-sell LNG sourced from US suppliers. The movement is already in play to end the influence of contract prices on spot prices as the US is destined to be the third largest exporter of LNG in the world by the end of the second decade of the 21st  century. US LNG producers can afford to sell their product to traders rather than consumers because of the supply side cost structures of the US shale gas revolution. The next paradigm collapse is the prediction that Europe today would have increased its demand for LNG appreciably to merit investment in offshore plants. This has failed to materialise. Which means that the two paradigms that created the investment in LNG trains in T&T have both failed. Whilst T&T is yet to solve the problem of gas feedstock shortfalls to industries in 2015 because of the failure of the present government to deal with the reality of a collapsed paradigms and the threat posed by US shale gas whilst they spend as if nothing has changed for the T&T gas economy. T&T LNG producers have already worked out their response to the shale gas revolution and this strategy impacts the revenue earned by T&T governments well into the future. Politicians must now dance with this reality and relate this to the general public. Spending bountifully to win re-election then what?;_ylt=AwrC1zE8w4lVIXsA_PbQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBydWNmY2MwBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM0BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–;_ylt=AwrC0F.yxIlVQVAA3mDQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBybGY3bmpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

Ndrangheta operations in the Caribbean: proof

A Canadian state agency’s operation targeting the operations of organised crime have confirmed that Italian organised crime in Canada is now subservient to the Ndrangheta of Italy which speaks to the grave nature of the illicit drug threat to Canada at present. But what was revealed by the Canadians with relevance to us is that shipments of illicit drugs are shipped from Guyana and Jamaica to Canada under Ndrangheta operational control. This supports the US discovery that Ndrangheta operations in the US also use Guyana as an export point. The reality is then finally confirmed by the mainstream: that the Ndrangheta is operationally present and active in the Caribbean. The heavy hitters are in the Caribbean and the states of  the Caribbean refuse to publicly state this and act on this reality. The backward state structures of the Caribbean little changed since colonial domination cannot deal with the threat posed by this most  sophisticated trafficking unit. Denial and lies is then the technique adopted. The Ndrangheta have a propensity to penetrate and control containerised cargo ports and in the Caribbean we already have such ports under gangland control thereby forming new partnerships. Read the link dealing with the Ndrangheta and Italy’s dominant container port and note the purity of the cocaine imported. The US has announced that it is giving Jamaica 17 patrol boats: 10: 27 foot vessels and 7: 37 foot vessels. In response to the threat posed to US interests by illicit activities in Jamaica the US now has to step-up and deliver 17 patrol craft which points to the gravity of the threat. More and more evidence is being presented on the strategy of Mexican organised crime in Latin America to move coca paste rather than cocaine hydrochloride thereby creating a series of cocaine labs in countries that don’t produce coca paste changing the industrial base of cocaine production. What is happening in that in key export countries labs are in operation to produce cocaine on an industrial scale: Brazil, Argentina and Chile. So much for the success of Colombia in the war on drugs. This is a business not a vice run by sub-humans.–JDF_19133943

Realities of the drug trade under Mexican cartel control TODAY: LEARN

In 2011 it was confirmed that the drug producing/trafficking organisation of Colombia, Los Urabenos was moving multi-tonne shipments of cocaine to the Dominican Republic (DR). Clan Usuga a collective within Los Urabenos was in 2015 discovered to be operating a trafficking and money laundering network in the DR moving product to the US and Europe which included the creation of at least one known ponzi scheme/pyramid and the use of an an evangelical Christian pastor and his church through which to launder the proceeds of drug trafficking. Now  Los Urabenos is an affiliate of the Mexican cartels having being absorbed by Mexican organised crime. Therefore its operations in the DR and the rest of the Caribbean is in the service of the Mexican trafficking organisations. Los Urabenos is a remnant of the Valle Norte cartel of Colombia the cartel that dominated trafficking in the Caribbean island chain during the hegemony of Colombian trafficking organisations over the Caribbean. It is the Valle Norte cartel that sold loads of cocaine to indigenous Caribbean traffickers and transported said loads to Europe and the US for them making them super rich overnight. The knowledge and connections Los Urabenos possesses in the Caribbean made them the target of Mexican organised crime when it  became necessary for them to move into and dominate Caribbean trafficking in the 21st century. Having absorbed Los Urabenos Mexican organised crime has now revealed the future of those in the Caribbean that grew super rich on the business model of the Colombians and it is that of apocalypse and eventual extinction as the dinosaurs and the dodo bird. Never forget the Mexican traffickers are in the Caribbean to flood the US north-east with heroin not to feed potential threats to the security of their operations. The Colombians have paid dearly for their failed business model and the Mexicans have learnt from Colombian failure. The strategic importance of flooding the US north-east with heroin to the Mexican trafficking organisations is now public knowledge of the US DEA but the dismantling of a trafficking/retailing operation in the Bronx, New York for the Sinaloa Federation recently confirms the operational structure utilised. The affiliates are handed the heroin on consignment and they are to wholesale the consignment, collect the cash and repatriate the sum due to the Federation. The head of the cell has to provide a hostage who is held by the Federation and an inspector of the Federation is present with the cell monitoring their activities on a daily basis. Failure to abide by the rules of the game one expects swift and brutal retaliation from the Federation. One expects the same operational rules with all affiliates of the Mexican trafficking organisations in the Caribbean but the emphasis will be on trafficking the product to the end-user markets in the North. But the manner of rewarding failure is a given. The nature of the Mexican reward system then intensifies violence within the illicit trade. Think about it.