Ndrangheta operations in the Caribbean: proof

A Canadian state agency’s operation targeting the operations of organised crime have confirmed that Italian organised crime in Canada is now subservient to the Ndrangheta of Italy which speaks to the grave nature of the illicit drug threat to Canada at present. But what was revealed by the Canadians with relevance to us is that shipments of illicit drugs are shipped from Guyana and Jamaica to Canada under Ndrangheta operational control. This supports the US discovery that Ndrangheta operations in the US also use Guyana as an export point. The reality is then finally confirmed by the mainstream: that the Ndrangheta is operationally present and active in the Caribbean. The heavy hitters are in the Caribbean and the states of  the Caribbean refuse to publicly state this and act on this reality. The backward state structures of the Caribbean little changed since colonial domination cannot deal with the threat posed by this most  sophisticated trafficking unit. Denial and lies is then the technique adopted. The Ndrangheta have a propensity to penetrate and control containerised cargo ports and in the Caribbean we already have such ports under gangland control thereby forming new partnerships. Read the link dealing with the Ndrangheta and Italy’s dominant container port and note the purity of the cocaine imported. The US has announced that it is giving Jamaica 17 patrol boats: 10: 27 foot vessels and 7: 37 foot vessels. In response to the threat posed to US interests by illicit activities in Jamaica the US now has to step-up and deliver 17 patrol craft which points to the gravity of the threat. More and more evidence is being presented on the strategy of Mexican organised crime in Latin America to move coca paste rather than cocaine hydrochloride thereby creating a series of cocaine labs in countries that don’t produce coca paste changing the industrial base of cocaine production. What is happening in that in key export countries labs are in operation to produce cocaine on an industrial scale: Brazil, Argentina and Chile. So much for the success of Colombia in the war on drugs. This is a business not a vice run by sub-humans.





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