LNG, Trinidad and Tobago and the NEW ORDER

Nothing has fundamentally changed since my last posting on LNG as Asian spot prices per MMbtu is still below 8 USD because of a flood of new supply faced with waning demand. But in the face of this reality the revolution created by the export of US shale gas LNG is being rolled out destined to deeply impact the LNG markets of the world as early as December 2015. US exporters especially Cheniere are selling LNG on contract not to consumers but to traders who have  indicated their intent to re-sell LNG sourced from US suppliers. The movement is already in play to end the influence of contract prices on spot prices as the US is destined to be the third largest exporter of LNG in the world by the end of the second decade of the 21st  century. US LNG producers can afford to sell their product to traders rather than consumers because of the supply side cost structures of the US shale gas revolution. The next paradigm collapse is the prediction that Europe today would have increased its demand for LNG appreciably to merit investment in offshore plants. This has failed to materialise. Which means that the two paradigms that created the investment in LNG trains in T&T have both failed. Whilst T&T is yet to solve the problem of gas feedstock shortfalls to industries in 2015 because of the failure of the present government to deal with the reality of a collapsed paradigms and the threat posed by US shale gas whilst they spend as if nothing has changed for the T&T gas economy. T&T LNG producers have already worked out their response to the shale gas revolution and this strategy impacts the revenue earned by T&T governments well into the future. Politicians must now dance with this reality and relate this to the general public. Spending bountifully to win re-election then what?





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