The Caribbean HEROIN trail: BELIZE points the way

The arrest in Belize of a number of persons allegedly found with 16.5 pounds of heroin in their possession points to the Caribbean heroin trail to the eastern seaboard of the US with Belize as an entry point in the smuggling chain through the Caribbean island chain and especially through Caricom. A pound of heroin supplied by the Mexican cartels in the North-East US wholesales for at minimum USD 50,000 simply do the math and ponder on the wholesale value of this single seizure. The size of the seizure is in keeping with the smuggling methodology to utilise various smuggling methods moving small quantities unlike cocaine. In the decade of the 1990’s the US extradited non-nationals of T&T who were part of such a heroin smuggling organisation to the US but the remnants based in T&T were never dismantled by T&T law enforcement and left waiting to be re-activated by the Mexican overlords. It is now of note that cocaine mixed with cobalt which nullifies its smell etc was discovered in Europe pointing to the ongoing investment in technology to make cocaine undetectable by the present means of detection utilised. This cocaine/cobalt mixture is injectable allowing insertion into legal cargo. In this phony war on drugs the nature of the trafficker is never made public for obvious political reasons.

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