Myths of Gangland T&T today: the case of Enterprise

Fundamental questions arise over the discourses placed in the public domain concerning the so-called Rasta City vs Muslim gang war in Enterprise, Trinidad today. These questions arise as the picture painted simply does not fit with the rules of the illicit drug trade in T&T. These are my questions: why if you are the franchise holder for this allegedly money spinner drug turf would you make war with a group of individuals simply because they are Muslim. War is bad for business as it dramatically reduces your daily turnover, cash flow and profitability which raise questions with the suppliers and the players on your ability to make money with the said franchise. If the group poses a threat to your franchise and you must choose war to defend your franchise why are you then prosecuting a war on the neighbourhood rather than on your enemies? War in defence of a franchise demands graphic, effective violence that takes out the leadership of the group that you view as a concerted threat but where are the bodies dropping in Enterprise? The longer the threat remains active and is not neutralised a message goes out in the business that the present franchise holder is weak and incompetent and the feeding frenzy begins ending only with the death of the franchise holder sometimes at the hands of his own people. The Crown Street group is said to be seeking to seize a drug block from its present franchisee but you cannot seize a drug turf using the tactics attributed to the Crown St group. Sneaking up in a ravine and busting shots is only inviting the franchisee to retaliate with extreme violence against the group which is yet to happen. Whilst the so-called aggressor group is assembled in the open in public it presents an inviting target for retaliation which is yet to happen. It is then a phony war where the persons living in the area are exposed to random violence but to what end? Where is the profit in all of this? How can you allegedly run a profitable drug block in an environment as this and fail to do what is done in the business to ensure prosperity? This is business this has nothing to do with the myth of Muslim vs Rasta. The ultimate question then is: what is the agenda driving the actions taken and the discourses being peddled in public?—311087051.html—310815311.html


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