Children with Assault rifles

The video on social media showing two children armed with assault rifles and live ammunition was interpreted by the T&T media the same old way: who are they, where was the video shot when was the video shot and where is the adult trainer in the video? The content of the video was never deemed relevant but that is the crux of the matter. The adult said to the children trainees that they are: “Ansar Mujahideen”. They are then the warriors of Islam likened to the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (UWBP) therefore they are in the tradition of the Salaf of Islam. It is then by the term used highly likely that the children are exposed to the Salifi-Jihadi worldview placing them in the ambit of Islamic State. Click now on the link to the IS video which shows the training and worldview of one detachment of the Mujahideen of IS who are all children or the Cubs of the Islamic State. This is but one expression of the IS strategy to create the ultimate Shahid/martyr by focusing in on very young males 3 years old and above in an attempt to purge and write the discourse of IS on their consciousness and the young males present at the liberation of spaces and the creation of the IS but have grown up under the previous order of impurity and rebellion. These young males are moulded with a different strategy with a different emphasis. Were the children in the video in T&T being prepared for access to the youth Mujahideen of IS, the international brigade of Cubs? The expensive national security apparatus of T&T must answer that.—310815771.html

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