July 27th 1990: 25th anniversary

The lead up to the 25th anniversary of the attempted coup d’etat of 1990 and thereafter have once again seen the use of the discourse of the threat of the Jamaat Al Muslimeen to Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) for what ends remains a matter of speculation. Since 1990 this card has been played ever so often by politicians for various supposed strategic reasons that were real and logical only to their minds and those of their lap dogs. In July 2015 nothing has changed except the fact that the politicians are calling for calm and saying all is safe and specific sections of the media establishment are prosecuting a discourse of imminent threat justifying their discourse with references to “intelligence sources” whatever that is. The discourse of imminent threat is in fact very badly cobbled together lacking in creative imagination. It is in fact bringing the 1990 playbook back in 2015 thereby telling we the citizens of T&T that after 25 years and billions of TT$ in national security expenditure we have learnt and done nothing to pre-empt this ancient play. Because if you could repeat the 1990 playbook in 2015 then the state is in stasis for 25 years. So a multimillion TT$ arms shipment was illicitly imported bypassing the entire state structure and is now in the hands of a criminal organisation intent on attacking the TT state all that is missing is the talk that it was smuggled in plywood. Then persons belonging to the said criminal organisation were sent abroad, trained militarily and successfully returned to TT. The jail break of July 26 was supposed to be the trigger event for the launch of the attack on state institutions in an attempt to free persons incarcerated. So with an attack by a handful of attackers the entire state structure collapses enabling the freeing of persons on remand. Questions: after you free the prisoners then what because the discourse says you don’t want political power? Where are you gong with yourself and the escaped prisoners? How do you propose to  leave T&T and traverse the international order with the policemen of the North Atlantic hunting you: US, Britain, Canada, France, EU etc? Most important according to the discourse the attackers belong to a criminal organisation but the successful daily operations of the illicit enterprise of a criminal organisation demands the purchase of impunity from the state. You cannot purchase impunity from a state that you attack violently and embarrass the politicians in charge. You cannot be a viable, sustainable Caribbean criminal organisation and bite the hand that allows you to feed.If you are a Caribbean criminal organisation and you carry out such an attack on the  state you are not a player in the game but in fact hired labour, bottom players and eminently expendable. Such an attack on the state flaunts a fundamental rule set down by the order of the Mexican organisations today in the Caribbean because such an attack is bad for their business interests and they will deal with the organisation according to their rules you lose your head and they give you up to the US. Further the discourse is telling us that this criminal organisation has been able to evade the surveillance of the powers of the North Atlantic that is focused on them right now! So they have not only evaded TT surveillance but North Atlantic surveillance and Mexican trafficking organisations surveillance. What then is the profit in a criminal organisation launching an attack on the T&T state to free people on remand? There is no profit for them only their extinction as an illicit organisation as criminal organisations are driven by profit and wealth generation not ideology. Maybe the next incarnation of the discourse will say that the criminal organisation is connected to the Islamic State.

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