The trafficking reality in the Caribbean denied by T&T

MARTILLO rollup copy

The US government made it clear to the governments of the nations of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean in the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century that it was no longer stationing its military assets to assault the drug trade in these areas of the Caribbean. Given budgetary constraints and the need to retire and replace assets the US will now concentrate its assets in the Caribbean to interdict drug shipments from South America to Central America and shipments to the greater Antilles as the DR and Puerto Rico under the operational structure of Operation Martillo. Members of the EU followed the US and joined operation martillo. The eastern and southern Caribbean were then left naked in the world of Caribbean drug trafficking and the void created will be effectively exploited by the Mexican trafficking organisations. The message of the US and the EU was then loudly clear: pick up your bed and walk, help yourself and now is the time to finally implement joint action rather than gum bumping for years and no action. T&T decided to act by purchasing new military/naval assets which was supposed to be an effective response to the reality of void. The new government of 2010 in T&T refused to admit that a void now exists and that this void is a grave threat to the security of T&T. The PP government insisted that T&T must protect its shallow water/coastal zones and the vessels ordered and purchased by the PNM government were defective and unsuitable for T&T’s operational environment. But for a considerable length of time in Caribbean drug trafficking reality replacement assets were not purchased and commissioned intensifying the void as it evolved and the fleet of vessels today  is still not in service. This failure to respond immediately to the void is a grave failure of the PP government that has placed T&T is a most perilous position. The issue of primary importance is the nature of the response to the void. The response is only relevant when assets are acquired informed by a knowledge base that understands the operational strategies of Caribbean drug traffickers. It is simply a waste of resources to acquire coastal patrol assets when the containerised cargo of T&T is the major means of entry and our ports are wide open for business. As the jail break illustrated shiny toys mean nothing when our institutions are penetrated and open for business. The void has evolved and now the eastern Caribbean is a full fledged trafficking node moving product to Puerto  Rico, US Virgin Islands and the DR in addition to Europe, the US and Canada. Whilst there is an explosion in human smuggling which has forced the US to now respond as migrants are being moved from eastern Caribbean islands to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands such as Cubans and migrants from Syria. T&T is now geographically placed in a trafficking high intensity transition zone and the question that must be answered is how long before T&T comes under assault to become the premier drug trafficking node in the English speaking Caribbean? Our energy based economy and the extensive logistic network that integrates the T&T economy into the globalised world call out to the Mexican organisations saying use me. An attempt was made to do the same in the 1990s and early 2000s which failed because of poor planing but today the Mexican organisations don’t make such petty mistakes. The failure to respond to the void and the evolution of the void will now set in train T&T’s apocalypse now. Ask the Mexicans the question of when. Ask the Mexicans if the fleet purchased presents a grave danger to their operations. They might just answer and say can this fleet deal with what is depicted in the photo in this blog? Remember what is depicted is only the bread and butter of the trade the specialist vessels are the issue and what of our fleet of aircraft?

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