The Link between Barbados and the Pipeline

During the decade of the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century some Barbadians insisted that they were unique in the Caribbean island chain as the gun violence, gang violence and drug trafficking plaguing the Caribbean island chain had by-passed Barbadian society. The discourse insisted that Barbadian values had insulated the Barbadian social order from these plagues. In 2015 the plagues are now sweeping Barbadian society and they will get progressively worse as Barbados has now been switched on by the Mexican trafficking organisations (MTOs) to evolve into an export trafficking node and a booming consumer drug market. This is so because of the evolution of the Eastern Caribbean trafficking pipeline. Barbados is the furthest landmass of the Caribbean island chain jutting out into the North Atlantic hence it is a stop over point for product from South America heading to the Eastern Caribbean pipeline and for the routes to West Africa. The mainstay of the Barbadian economy is tourism and as a result Barbados is well connected via air links to Europe and

North America. The tourist industry provides perfect cover for the recruitment of mules and swallowers from North America and Europe to traffick product from Barbados to their continents of origin. Then there are the airline personnel and the air planes and there is containerised cargo. Barbadian local drug markets are now in the process of consolidation and growth as a tsunami of product floods Barbados  creating a new order on the ground. Groups that were favoured drug retailers/small time wholesalers previously and have found themselves cut off from access to the new supply pipeline controlled by affiliates of the MTOs are now faced with a choice: surrender the power they once wielded and get with the programme or resort to violence and pay the ultimate price. Whilst this power relation is being resolved a wave of persons seeking access to product given the volume available create a feeding frenzy as those at the back of the line resort to violent predatory actions to acquire product with the concomitant violent retaliation. The arms trafficking of the MTOs into Barbados changes the fundamental power structure of the Barbadian social order as an arms race on the ground is already evident and the violent, armed predator who kills for personal power trips has appeared. The Barbadian gang order will rapidly evolve as the MTOs recruit Barbadian gangland affiliates who gain access to the drug and arms pipelines of the MTOs and become transnational trafficking organisations themselves. At this point the Barbadian gangland affiliates have already ensured their hegemony over Barbadian gangland and Barbados has entered the phase of a developed trafficking node according to the model of the MTOs. The issue then is not the decline of family values and households without fathers the problem is a vibrant, billion dollar industry that is allowed to grow and thrive in the Caribbean with impunity. Impunity that is the most potent recruitment tool. Impunity sold by those charged with protecting the state. You sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind. Pax Mexicana. Click the links and note the repeat of the failure of other Caribbean islands: the refusal to deal with the illicit drug trafficking reality in public, the politicisation of crime, the placing of blame on victims rather than on the those who manage the illicit trade on a daily basis and the hand wringing. Which means nothing will be done to address the illicit trade. We now welcome Barbados to the ranks of Caribbean narco states.


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