US Virgin Islands: State of Emergency declared

On September 7, 2015 the acting Governor of the US Virgin Islands (USVI) declared a state of emergency in reaction to the escalating gun violence on St Croix. Clearly the Mexican trafficking organisations (MTOs) by flooding the USVI with illicit product and smuggled humans have not only triggered a feeding frenzy but more importantly a new illicit order is being erected on the ground in the USVI. Another member/territory of the Eastern Caribbean smuggling pipeline is therefore showing the symptoms of MTOs hegemony over their illicit order. The same is now becoming apparent for other member territories of the pipeline as Guadeloupe and Barbados. As the pipeline evolves rapidly the salient question deals with the strategy of the MTOs to exercise hegemony over Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) given the fact that T&T geographically straddles several supply lines as they enter the southern/supply entrance of the pipeline. Having been given a free pass through the territorial waters of T&T for over 5 years by the outgoing government who then purchased a naval fleet that cannot adequately respond to the threats posed by the MTOs. T&T is faced with a grave threat that will need extensive investment and rigorous engagement with to mitigate and the question now is can T&T answer this threat adequately within the shortest time frame possible because the outgoing government enhanced the threat to T&T rather than attempting to mitigate the threat. I am now weary of speaking to deaf ears and persons wielding state power enmeshed in denial. Failure to act effectively this time will reveal the apocalypse. Just read the link on the USVI.

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