Learn from the US response in Puerto Rico and USVI

The US response to the present assault by the Mexican traffickers of the Caribbean Basin on the US territories of the Caribbean is a lesson for us as we all face the  common threat. The US has placed in Puerto Rico it’s first brand new Sentinel class Fast Response Cutter (FRC). The US decided to use the drawings from the Damen Group for the Stan 4708 Patrol Vessel as the basis for its Sentinel class of cutters but in keeping with US policy they build their military class vessels in their own shipyards and outfit them to their specifications to deal with the threat. The weapon system and the electronic/communication system placed in these vessels is then instructive for T&T as we bought patrol vessels from Damen that arrived naked. More importantly the US has determined that FRCs are simply inadequate to handle the threat posed to their territories and mainland USA. The FRCs placed in Puerto Rico and USVI will be bolstered by OPVs as the FRCs are by themselves unable to handle the threat posed. The threat posed by the Mexican traffickers has resulted in an entirely new US Coast Guard strategic response and a new order of battle with brand new ships of the line as the National Security cutter, the OPV and the FRC. In T&T and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean we remain trapped in a time warp fed by denial and complicity.




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