Questions on T&T’s naval vessel acquired from China

The TTS Nelson

The Chinese made naval vessel that was a state secret under the former government arrived in T&T this week with questions still unanswered on this vessel. During her state visit to China the former PM told us that a ship presently being built for China in China is the ship she chose to lobby Xi Jin Ping for it to be supposedly sold to T&T. From the picture of the vessel published locally this week the following questions arise: is the vessel T&T acquired from China in 2015 the same as those built in 2014 for the Chinese Coast Guard utilising the hull of the Type 056 Chinese corvette and a new superstructure design? If yes why did China make available a vessel shrouded in secrecy to T&T in 2015, a vessel that China does not offer for commercial sale on the arms market of the world? What did the ex PM offer Xi Jin Ping that merited this embrace, was it to be China’s proxy in CARICOM?? How much did the taxpayers pay for this vessel? What is the design purpose of this vessel and can it deal with the sailing conditions and the threat horizon in the EEZ? The hull of the Type 056 corvette is suited for coastal patrols what then happens to deep water of the Atlantic? Was the vessel handed over to us with naval electronics and communication systems made in China? If yes did we ferret out the trap-doors in the systems that allow intrusion by the hackers of the PLA? The new superstructural design fitted on the hull of the Type 056 clearly points to a vessel charged with command and control and surveillance including electronic is the T&T vessel so outfitted? T&T now has on its hand a cat in bag vessel and a geopolitical red flag to deal with. One expects that the alarm bells in the military structure of the US have gone off as in the Caribbean you have a vessel handed over to the only state in the world outside of China. That is being special. And at the same time a company blocked from working on the digital backbone of the US is lovingly embraced in T&T. Coincidence or agenda?

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