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The Price T&T must pay for Loran-Manatee gas

On the 6 November 2015 on the Spanish language  web site of PDVSA a report was posted titled “Presidente Maduro crea comision presidential para industrializacion del gas” In which President Maduro states that the model of spending billions of USD to erect LNG trains utilising Venezuela’s gas resources is not an acceptable use of Venezuela’s gas resources. Venezuela’s gas must be the feedstock for the creation of a new phase of the industrialisation of Venezuela and the generation of electricity. President Maduro insisted that Venezuela must learn from the Bolivia model of gas utilisation. The core of the Bolivia model is a former President of Bolivia literally gave away Bolivia’s gas to Brazil and Argentina thereby creating a gas fed industrial complex in Brazil where the natural gas liquids of Bolivian gas was extracted in Brazil and continues to feed Brazilian chemical industries without any return to Bolivia whilst the masses of Bolivia remain trapped in poverty. This is in addition to the use of the dry gas by Brazilian industries. President Evo Morales of Bolivia has engaged in an ongoing engagement with Brazil to change this exploitative gas contract but Brazil insists on the sanctity of the supply contract. The masses of Bolivia have then been robbed of equitable returns on their gas and moreso of a wasting natural resource capable of raising their standard of living. President Maduro in citing the lessons of the Bolivia model has sent a message to those in T&T long desirous of Loran gas being fed into Atlantic. The question is can the structures that govern the gas to LNG process in T&T afford Maduro the political capital he desperately needs in Venezuela? In the Business Express of 18 November 2015 an interview with the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to T&T was printed. The Ambassador stated that Venezuela wants to be T&T’s best friend. That no Venezuelan gas will be sent to T&T for processing before production commences on the Loran-Manatee field and gas from other Venezuelan gas fields can follow but it is a matter of trust between Venezuela and T&T. And Venezuelan gas can be processed at Atlantic via the stake NGC has in Atlantic. But to-date no time frame for production from the Loran-Manatee field is forthcoming. Venezuela knowing the gas supply crisis T&T faces is now making it clear the terms of endearment in order to access Loran-Manatee gas. Can T&T dance cheek to cheek with Venezuela and maintain its  traditional role in the Southern Caribbean with the USA? Clearly Venezuela is now using the gas supply crisis to drive a wedge between hegemon and client state. Is the present government willing to pay the price? Clearly the previous government left the gas crisis intact rather than dance cheek to cheek. Did Venezuela want to dance cheek to cheek with the previous regime?

Revelations as a result of the Paris 2015 attacks

The attacks on Paris 2015 have now unearthed in the public domain the operation of a human smuggling pipeline that is moving Syrian refugees into the Caribbean basin including the Caribbean island chain. I  have already posted on the movement of Syrian refugees to the US Virgin Islands from Caribbean islands. Now we have the instance of Syrian refugees entering Dutch Sint Maarten with forged Greek documents seeking to enter Europe from Sint Maarten. This was followed by the case of Syrian refugees utilising stolen Greek passports altered to contain their photo using circuitous flight routes to enter Central America in a bid to then enter the US. Their undoing is that the passports were reported stolen and an INTERPOL notice was released or was it the failure to pay the requisite sum demanded by the Coyotes to ensure they pass immigration with impunity? Finally a report out of Colombia states that a suspect in the Paris 2015 attack entered and stayed in Colombia before leaving Colombia on illicit documents and the purchase of impunity. It is now clear even obvious to those not immersed in denial that those seeking to carry out military attacks in this region and North America can utilise a pipeline that is now moving persons from the Middle East to right here right now. It is obvious that the Coyotes intend to increase their income from those insisting that they must enter the US and Canada by any means necessary and the Caribbean island chain is one of the holding areas of this enterprise of the Coyotes. It is also obvious that those migrants willing to settle in nations in Central and South America and the Caribbean will be facilitated as long as the price is paid in advance in USD to  the Coyotes. The Coyotes moved at last official count 44,000 Haitians to Brazil in the aftermath of the earthquake. Pax Mexicana!

Islamic State’s recruitment video for Trinidad and Tobago

The release by Al Raqqa media of Islamic State’s recruitment video for Muslims in T&T is very instructive of the structures that exist on the ground in T&T which I have dealt with in previous blogs. Clearly the state agencies of the previous government have failed to penetrate and dismantle these structures and the IS video is in fact taunting the state agencies of T&T on their singular failure. The Minister of national security in response to the IS video indicated that foreign intelligence agencies will nave now to help in identifying those from T&T in the ranks of IS. I rest my case. Why produce a recruitment video for T&T given the comparatively small size of the Muslim population of T&T? Simply to indicate the potency of the call to Hijra to IS and the means of recruitment exists on the ground in T&T right now. The content of the video is tailored to raise the question of a T&T fighting group led by a T&T national and trained by a T&T national. This then holds the hope of military action and spoils of war for only those who have accepted the state of being Shahid. Fakers and jokers need not apply! The hope of a T&T fighting contingent led by T&T nationals is the potent recruitment vision of hope as upon entering IS territory in Syria you won’t be consigned to cooking meals for the fighters. Those fighters presented in the IS video will not return to T&T except they want to escape IS for some reason. The major issue for T&T is recruitment here and the export of potential fighters to IS. By this video we are now on the operational map of Islamic State and the poor excuse for covert agencies in T&T simply don’t have a clue as the leadership are all political appointees.