Islamic State’s recruitment video for Trinidad and Tobago

The release by Al Raqqa media of Islamic State’s recruitment video for Muslims in T&T is very instructive of the structures that exist on the ground in T&T which I have dealt with in previous blogs. Clearly the state agencies of the previous government have failed to penetrate and dismantle these structures and the IS video is in fact taunting the state agencies of T&T on their singular failure. The Minister of national security in response to the IS video indicated that foreign intelligence agencies will nave now to help in identifying those from T&T in the ranks of IS. I rest my case. Why produce a recruitment video for T&T given the comparatively small size of the Muslim population of T&T? Simply to indicate the potency of the call to Hijra to IS and the means of recruitment exists on the ground in T&T right now. The content of the video is tailored to raise the question of a T&T fighting group led by a T&T national and trained by a T&T national. This then holds the hope of military action and spoils of war for only those who have accepted the state of being Shahid. Fakers and jokers need not apply! The hope of a T&T fighting contingent led by T&T nationals is the potent recruitment vision of hope as upon entering IS territory in Syria you won’t be consigned to cooking meals for the fighters. Those fighters presented in the IS video will not return to T&T except they want to escape IS for some reason. The major issue for T&T is recruitment here and the export of potential fighters to IS. By this video we are now on the operational map of Islamic State and the poor excuse for covert agencies in T&T simply don’t have a clue as the leadership are all political appointees.

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