Revelations as a result of the Paris 2015 attacks

The attacks on Paris 2015 have now unearthed in the public domain the operation of a human smuggling pipeline that is moving Syrian refugees into the Caribbean basin including the Caribbean island chain. I  have already posted on the movement of Syrian refugees to the US Virgin Islands from Caribbean islands. Now we have the instance of Syrian refugees entering Dutch Sint Maarten with forged Greek documents seeking to enter Europe from Sint Maarten. This was followed by the case of Syrian refugees utilising stolen Greek passports altered to contain their photo using circuitous flight routes to enter Central America in a bid to then enter the US. Their undoing is that the passports were reported stolen and an INTERPOL notice was released or was it the failure to pay the requisite sum demanded by the Coyotes to ensure they pass immigration with impunity? Finally a report out of Colombia states that a suspect in the Paris 2015 attack entered and stayed in Colombia before leaving Colombia on illicit documents and the purchase of impunity. It is now clear even obvious to those not immersed in denial that those seeking to carry out military attacks in this region and North America can utilise a pipeline that is now moving persons from the Middle East to right here right now. It is obvious that the Coyotes intend to increase their income from those insisting that they must enter the US and Canada by any means necessary and the Caribbean island chain is one of the holding areas of this enterprise of the Coyotes. It is also obvious that those migrants willing to settle in nations in Central and South America and the Caribbean will be facilitated as long as the price is paid in advance in USD to  the Coyotes. The Coyotes moved at last official count 44,000 Haitians to Brazil in the aftermath of the earthquake. Pax Mexicana!

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