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Skimmers, Harvesters and your money cards

The attack on the T&T accounts of clients of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in the aftermath of Christmas 2015 is a wake up call as the reality that is common in certain Caribbean states such as Curacao and Sint Maarten and Saint Martin has now arrived in T&T in full gaze of the public. The public of T&T must understand how this illicit enterprise operates and the fact that it is driven by transnational organised crime (TOC) in the Caribbean. The structure is as follows: a skimmer enters a jurisdiction to collect the card data of targets utilising devises that can collect the data stored on the magnetic strips of cards and most important is the PIN number of targets. Wherever cards are utilised operations are established so forget this fixation with ATMs as this is just one point of attack. In every situation where you hand over your card/s to pay for goods and services purchased by you the potential exists to be skimmed. Pinpads are replaced with special pads that will record your data and handheld devices that are easily concealed on the person are widely available for sale. TOC pay skimmers for data collected which has created entrepreneurs who place themselves in businesses such as retail/distribution simply to collect data for sale. The data sold in then loaded on cloned cards and handed to harvesters who loot accounts in locations external of where the card was issued. So cards cloned located in Curacao are looted in Asia etc. Harvesters choose Caribbean states with free zones, a tourist trade and lax surveillance of cards tended for purchases etc to draw cash and purchase brand name luxury goods such as Prada etc. These goods are then moved and sold or used as stock in TOC outlets. Harvesting is an illicit job that enables you to see the world. There are those who attempt to combine both tasks as they are self-employed and have proven to be the operators easily caught in the Caribbean. In Curacao and Sint Maarten Bulgarians and Romanian citizens have been arrested and charged with skimming and/or harvesting pointing to the transnational dimension. RBC in both Sint Maarten and Curacao have had attacks by skimmers and harvesters on their clients hence their experience in this area. The attraction is the breached technology of the magnetic strip on cards and as long as this porous technology continues to be used in T&T TOC groups from Eastern Europe etc will target T&T. Persons with cards must understand that the states with acute attacks on cards in the Caribbean Basin where issuing banks external of these states have refused to activate the full range of services of their cards when used in these states are Mexico and Colombia. Pax Mexicana!!!

Drug Submarine found in Brazil

In two posts to this blog namely “The trafficking reality of the Caribbean denied by T&T” and”The military assets necessary to disrupt the illicit trades” I pointed to the new future of trafficking in the Caribbean island chain: use of SUBMARINES. Well in Para state, Brazil a submarine was seized on a river that was in an advanced state of construction. From the photos published it is clear that the snorkel necessary for the diesel engines to breathe whilst the craft is submerged was not yet in place. The dimensions of the craft given indicate it is small by the standard set by legal submarines but for illicit trafficking its capacity to transport product is ideal some 30 tons stated. Brazilian police stated that the craft was built to transport product to the US and Europe press reports on the sub clearly display ignorance of the operational strategy that informed the building of the sub. One report speculates that the craft will  operate from Colombia but why build and commission a craft in Para state Brazil sail it all the way to Colombia to operate it when it is perfectly feasible to operate it from Brazil in a trafficking environment superior to that of Colombia? What must be noted is that a craft with this capacity will make the run to the US via the Caribbean island chain from Brazil refuelling along the way as there are no military assets presently in operation in the Caribbean island chain to detect and interdict these craft. The politicians of T&T can then feel proud as these craft use T&T as a stopover on the way to the drop-off points. Pax Mexicana!!!

Not 1 it’s TWO Cocaine seizures from T&T

It’s not one but two seizures of cocaine in Canada that was sent from T&T. In October 2015 the Ontario provincial Police (OPP) announced the end of the year long Project Monto that resulted in the arrest of 13 persons in Canada for cocaine and arms trafficking into Canada. Cocaine was purchased with cash in advance sent from Toronto in T&T, Guyana and St Lucia and shipped to Canada via airlines to airports in Toronto from T&T, Guyana and St Lucia. Mules, swallowers and cocaine stashes on the airplanes were used to transport the cocaine to Toronto. Cocaine was also sent from California to Toronto using the same methods but there was no discovered flow of cash in advance payments. Handguns purchased in the US state of Florida were shipped via airlines to Toronto. Cocaine and illicit guns were then shipped to the  Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. This is a highly sophisticated trafficking enterprise and its organisation in T&T is untouched and remains functional as the state security apparatus has signally failed to dismantle this enterprise. The cash was moved into T&T to pay for the cocaine with impunity as the product left for Toronto via our airports with impunity and the enterprise continues to operate in T&T with impunity. A whole edifice of state institutions failed miserably to ensure the security of the state and its citizens. Pax Mexicana!!! The operating rules of The GAME insist that you never rely on a single trafficking methodology when you are a sophisticated trafficking enterprise as this you must then utilise containerised cargo from the Caribbean to Canada. T&T is the most strategic point in Caricom to do this and the liquid cocaine in orange juice points to this reality. The Canadians stress over the air routes but the sea routes continue to chug along bringing the cocaine home the old three card hustle. To find liquid cocaine placed in bottles mixed in with other bottles filled with liquid in a shipping container you have to be either an eagle eyed Customs inspector with a leading edge scanner or you knew what you were looking for in what container from a specific destination with a description of the contents or those who made the liquid cocaine, filled the bottles with liquid cocaine, sealed and packed the juice bottles and the container were so incompetent that the cocaine was in plain sight. In The Game the rule is somebody sold out the container for personal gain like to avoid a jail and if it was the property of Pax Mexicana their family first then the semp will pay the ultimate price. Again the liquid cocaine in the container illustrates the extent of the nakedness of the state of T&T and its citizens inspite of the billions of T&T dollars spent from regime to regime on national security.

Islamic Extremists and the illicit drug trade

The Paris November 2015 attacks suddenly placed on the media agenda the involvement of Islamic extremists in the drug trade, the Underworld better yet The Game. This is no earth shattering revelation because the Madrid train bombings 2004 taught this and the politicians and the security apparatuses refused to listen and learn. The reality today is as follows: Afghan heroin production exploded under the rule of the Taliban and increased exponentially during the regimes installed by the coalition military in Afghanistan. The most potent visual image of Afghanistan in the war against the Taliban by the coalition is British soldiers walking through fields of poppies in bloom seeking to engage with the Taliban leaving the major financier of the Taliban intact the heroin trade. Groups much more extremist than the Taliban smuggle Afghan heroin from Afghanistan to end user markets in Europe and Russia. Multiple routes are employed and in specific routes Islamic extremist groups are part of the trafficking nexus. The route from Iran through territory now controlled by IS has now involved IS in heroin smuggling. Afghan heroin smugglers have now created the southern route from East Africa to West Africa thence to Europe. When will Afghan heroin in West Africa cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean island chain and Brazil thence to the US? Do you believe the extremist groups will not follow the heroin trail West? Denial is a uniquely human invention that creates victims for predators. Extremist groups involved in the trade what do you think they use the wealth derived from the trade for? When you have social orders under the thumb of the traffickers how can you deal with extremists/traffickers? Apocalypse NOW!!! The other reality I deal with is the jump to West Africa to move cocaine to Europe. Part of this move was the strategy to by-pass the traditional European smuggling entry points of Europe by moving cocaine straight to the Mediterranean Basin. To do this you move the product from West Africa northwards via the Sahel region and the Sahara desert of Africa to Libya, Tunisia and Morocco thence to Italy, Spain etc. To make this jump you need skilled smugglers versed in moving across the Sahara and you need those who could protect your product. Islamic extremists in this area are then the solution and those groups who are not extremists must have the means to purchase passage from extremist groups. To understand Boko Haraam, the reality of Mali, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia you must wrap your mind around the drastic changes the drug trafficking routes have unleashed on the Sahel and the Sahara. The players of the cocaine trade in the West and Europe are then in bed with the extremists of the Sahel and the Sahara. “Remember Daurius it’s just a business”. All the politicians and members of the security apparatus of the Caribbean Basin who are in bed with the players of the trade are in bed also with IS and Boko Haraam. Deal with that! Pax Mexicana.

Up-date posted of my 2012 book

I have posted below an up-date to 2015 of my book “Cocaine Trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the Era of the Mexican cartels” . The Caribbean illicit trades under the hegemony of Pax Mexicana is evolving rapidly necessitating an up-date to the said 2012 book. I have also taken the decision that I must now run silent run deep until I surface in Fairbanks and commence the process of analysis in the public domain from my base external of T&T and the Caribbean. Finally I will be able to enjoy the model taught to me by Labrousse and Bowden. The deliberate destruction of my post at UWI on the 1/1/2015 and my subsequent unemployable condition in T&T I have interpreted in the worldview of The Game and The  Game teaches me that this initial act will end with my murder. Expecting this reality to materialise I have reacted in the manner of those in The Game. This threat I visualise does not arise from Pax Mexicana.