Up-date posted of my 2012 book

I have posted below an up-date to 2015 of my book “Cocaine Trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the Era of the Mexican cartels” . The Caribbean illicit trades under the hegemony of Pax Mexicana is evolving rapidly necessitating an up-date to the said 2012 book. I have also taken the decision that I must now run silent run deep until I surface in Fairbanks and commence the process of analysis in the public domain from my base external of T&T and the Caribbean. Finally I will be able to enjoy the model taught to me by Labrousse and Bowden. The deliberate destruction of my post at UWI on the 1/1/2015 and my subsequent unemployable condition in T&T I have interpreted in the worldview of The Game and The  Game teaches me that this initial act will end with my murder. Expecting this reality to materialise I have reacted in the manner of those in The Game. This threat I visualise does not arise from Pax Mexicana.

2 thoughts on “Up-date posted of my 2012 book

  1. truetalk

    Check out the ‘new’ business of Mexican cartels….stealing oil. Trinidad has had ‘oil spills’ recently. Our fixtures are open and vulnerable to oil thieves.

  2. truetalk

    I know you have wanted to go to Canada a while now. Indeed, your life may be in danger if you expose people, but we need to hear the truth and be enlightened by your analysis.
    Where ever you go – keep on writing.


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