Islamic Extremists and the illicit drug trade

The Paris November 2015 attacks suddenly placed on the media agenda the involvement of Islamic extremists in the drug trade, the Underworld better yet The Game. This is no earth shattering revelation because the Madrid train bombings 2004 taught this and the politicians and the security apparatuses refused to listen and learn. The reality today is as follows: Afghan heroin production exploded under the rule of the Taliban and increased exponentially during the regimes installed by the coalition military in Afghanistan. The most potent visual image of Afghanistan in the war against the Taliban by the coalition is British soldiers walking through fields of poppies in bloom seeking to engage with the Taliban leaving the major financier of the Taliban intact the heroin trade. Groups much more extremist than the Taliban smuggle Afghan heroin from Afghanistan to end user markets in Europe and Russia. Multiple routes are employed and in specific routes Islamic extremist groups are part of the trafficking nexus. The route from Iran through territory now controlled by IS has now involved IS in heroin smuggling. Afghan heroin smugglers have now created the southern route from East Africa to West Africa thence to Europe. When will Afghan heroin in West Africa cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean island chain and Brazil thence to the US? Do you believe the extremist groups will not follow the heroin trail West? Denial is a uniquely human invention that creates victims for predators. Extremist groups involved in the trade what do you think they use the wealth derived from the trade for? When you have social orders under the thumb of the traffickers how can you deal with extremists/traffickers? Apocalypse NOW!!! The other reality I deal with is the jump to West Africa to move cocaine to Europe. Part of this move was the strategy to by-pass the traditional European smuggling entry points of Europe by moving cocaine straight to the Mediterranean Basin. To do this you move the product from West Africa northwards via the Sahel region and the Sahara desert of Africa to Libya, Tunisia and Morocco thence to Italy, Spain etc. To make this jump you need skilled smugglers versed in moving across the Sahara and you need those who could protect your product. Islamic extremists in this area are then the solution and those groups who are not extremists must have the means to purchase passage from extremist groups. To understand Boko Haraam, the reality of Mali, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia you must wrap your mind around the drastic changes the drug trafficking routes have unleashed on the Sahel and the Sahara. The players of the cocaine trade in the West and Europe are then in bed with the extremists of the Sahel and the Sahara. “Remember Daurius it’s just a business”. All the politicians and members of the security apparatus of the Caribbean Basin who are in bed with the players of the trade are in bed also with IS and Boko Haraam. Deal with that! Pax Mexicana.

2 thoughts on “Islamic Extremists and the illicit drug trade

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      Thanks for the info. The Canadian RCMP reported on the break up of a trafficking group sending cocaine via airlines to Canada from Trinidad,Guyana and St Lucia recently. The Canadian operation was named Project Monto but the operations in the Caribbean were not dismantled as usual.


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