Not 1 it’s TWO Cocaine seizures from T&T

It’s not one but two seizures of cocaine in Canada that was sent from T&T. In October 2015 the Ontario provincial Police (OPP) announced the end of the year long Project Monto that resulted in the arrest of 13 persons in Canada for cocaine and arms trafficking into Canada. Cocaine was purchased with cash in advance sent from Toronto in T&T, Guyana and St Lucia and shipped to Canada via airlines to airports in Toronto from T&T, Guyana and St Lucia. Mules, swallowers and cocaine stashes on the airplanes were used to transport the cocaine to Toronto. Cocaine was also sent from California to Toronto using the same methods but there was no discovered flow of cash in advance payments. Handguns purchased in the US state of Florida were shipped via airlines to Toronto. Cocaine and illicit guns were then shipped to the  Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. This is a highly sophisticated trafficking enterprise and its organisation in T&T is untouched and remains functional as the state security apparatus has signally failed to dismantle this enterprise. The cash was moved into T&T to pay for the cocaine with impunity as the product left for Toronto via our airports with impunity and the enterprise continues to operate in T&T with impunity. A whole edifice of state institutions failed miserably to ensure the security of the state and its citizens. Pax Mexicana!!! The operating rules of The GAME insist that you never rely on a single trafficking methodology when you are a sophisticated trafficking enterprise as this you must then utilise containerised cargo from the Caribbean to Canada. T&T is the most strategic point in Caricom to do this and the liquid cocaine in orange juice points to this reality. The Canadians stress over the air routes but the sea routes continue to chug along bringing the cocaine home the old three card hustle. To find liquid cocaine placed in bottles mixed in with other bottles filled with liquid in a shipping container you have to be either an eagle eyed Customs inspector with a leading edge scanner or you knew what you were looking for in what container from a specific destination with a description of the contents or those who made the liquid cocaine, filled the bottles with liquid cocaine, sealed and packed the juice bottles and the container were so incompetent that the cocaine was in plain sight. In The Game the rule is somebody sold out the container for personal gain like to avoid a jail and if it was the property of Pax Mexicana their family first then the semp will pay the ultimate price. Again the liquid cocaine in the container illustrates the extent of the nakedness of the state of T&T and its citizens inspite of the billions of T&T dollars spent from regime to regime on national security.

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