Drug Submarine found in Brazil

In two posts to this blog namely “The trafficking reality of the Caribbean denied by T&T” and”The military assets necessary to disrupt the illicit trades” I pointed to the new future of trafficking in the Caribbean island chain: use of SUBMARINES. Well in Para state, Brazil a submarine was seized on a river that was in an advanced state of construction. From the photos published it is clear that the snorkel necessary for the diesel engines to breathe whilst the craft is submerged was not yet in place. The dimensions of the craft given indicate it is small by the standard set by legal submarines but for illicit trafficking its capacity to transport product is ideal some 30 tons stated. Brazilian police stated that the craft was built to transport product to the US and Europe press reports on the sub clearly display ignorance of the operational strategy that informed the building of the sub. One report speculates that the craft will  operate from Colombia but why build and commission a craft in Para state Brazil sail it all the way to Colombia to operate it when it is perfectly feasible to operate it from Brazil in a trafficking environment superior to that of Colombia? What must be noted is that a craft with this capacity will make the run to the US via the Caribbean island chain from Brazil refuelling along the way as there are no military assets presently in operation in the Caribbean island chain to detect and interdict these craft. The politicians of T&T can then feel proud as these craft use T&T as a stopover on the way to the drop-off points. Pax Mexicana!!!



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