Changes to the order of Gangland

The changes to the order of gangland brought about by Pax Mexicana is now well advanced in the DR, The Bahamas, Jamaica and most graphically in Guyana with T&T now showing the early signs of the reactions within gangland to the pressure applied by the Order of Pax Mexicana. The dominant Order demands the maximisation of wealth generation through illicit trade and all and sundry acts of groups/individuals must enhance wealth generation and maximisation rather than harm and hinder the business. Killing for the sake of killing, because someone disrespect you or looking to move in on a woman you consider as yours, because someone from an enemy area, simply because somebody mash your Jordans and because you simply like to kill is not tolerated in the Order of Pax Mexicana as its bad for business. What use are you to Pax Mexicana locked up in a small piece of geography because if you leave it you expect shots to shower you? Those in gangland who are locked in this cycle and refuse to end it and embrace the Order are then excluded, rejected and marginalised because Pax Mexicana does not sell its products to those who are not under the rule of the Order. Only gangland affiliates have access to the illicit products and the  trade those excluded face marginalisation from the trade in reality they have few choices. They either go to war with the Order, seek other sources of supply which are not secure and pay more or go into new businesses such as mobbing and robbing, murder and mayhem. some have tried war against the Order but they soon lost their heads most have chosen the mayhem, murder, mobbing and robbing. We are now seeing then various reactions to the Order in T&T but one strategy must be understood where you unleash a wave of murder and mayhem to force the politicians to come to you and make deals run some projects, run some make work hustles so those faced with retrenchment by the Order can now feed off the state and in return there is the hope the violence becomes acceptable but it never will because the level of retrenchment is placing a lifestyle under the threat of extinction via permanent job loss. Those who feed off the state will have to defend the food supply with violence as those excluded must eat. T&T’s journey through this new landscape is now beginning and the ride will be long and violent. Pax Mexicana!!!

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