Monthly Archives: February 2016

Schools and Gangland

Those in perpetual denial will never accept and act upon the reality that with the explosion of the size and scale of gangland in T&T in the decades of the 1990s all schools especially secondary schools with a student catchment area that embraces spaces under the control of contending gangs became CONTESTED SPACES. Factions at war on the ground translate this war to the school space and at the same time launch a concerted assault on the power structure of the school to supplant it with a new order of power. Whenever a natural leader emerges in the warring factions the engagement with the school’s powered personnel intensifies and violence escalates as all forms of illicit activity especially sexual activity. These leaders view the school as a training ground in the art of running an illicit enterprise that generates profit and when this block is paying tax to a gang leader this leader is invested in the block and its safety and sustainability. In the absence of a leader chaos reigns and the violence has no rhyme nor reason to it and the school as an illicit enterprise that makes profit and pays taxes is absent and the inmates of the school are therefore on their own as there is no profit in a gangland leader getting involved. Just visualise then the reality of the school that is now the media squeeze for now to be soon forgotten. These schools have then to have a brand new intervention as all those tried before have failed miserably and not one rooted in denial but in reality. But that is impossible. Remember school is now the learning ground for exceptional individuals to hone their skills in running an illicit enterprise! Why and how can I talk of this reality I did the work on the ground that is why there is no work for me in T&T!