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Salafi Jihadi Caribbean style

Click the link and experience a short sample of Salafi Jihadi discourse that flows with world Salafi Jihadi discourse but it is articulated right here in the Caribbean. Do not fret nor worry the same discourse is also articulated right here in T&T but the articulators choose not to place their images and words in the public domain, on the worldwide web, on You tube. Their strategy calls for a different tact which is summed up in the words repeatedly used in public: Islam is a religion of Peace! Listen and learn.

Lessons from Paris 2015, Brussela 2016 for T&T

Do you think the politicians of T&T and the non-elected politicians of the national security apparatus learnt anything from the Paris 2015 and Brussels 2016 attacks? Do you expect them to have learnt anything? Do you think that they have unearthed the IS network in T&T and dismantled it? Do you think they have “persuaded” a member or members of this network to reveal the identities of those who left for Syria, those sleepers waiting to be awakened in T&T and those who support the network in T&T? Why expand the remit of the SSA but still deny its employees the power granted by being precepted? Why deny the SSA the power to deploy and strike with a duly constituted adequately trained unit to intervene, arrest and to interdict? Why must the SSA generate intelligence then wait for another agency to act? Did the politicians learn from Brussels 2016? When will the politicians get around to bringing the criminal justice system into the 21st century? When will the Office of the DPP be fully staffed to ensure it accomplishes its constitutional remit? When will the politicians deal with a prison system trapped in the colonial 19th century? When will the politicians deal with the constipated criminal courts as they and the non-elected politicians talk zero tolerance that constipates the courts but the politicians expend no resources to deal with the expected constipation? When will the politicians and non-elected politicians stop viewing the remand yard as a holding bay for a social  problem a holding bay that breeds predators who leave the holding bay and prey on us not the politicians? That is why if and when IS decides to attack the energy infrastructure of T&T who and what is going to stop the attack? The same politicians and the non-elected politicians?


Why research why write why speak who cares?

The politicians and the talking heads of T&T continue to offer the same solutions applied since the decade of the 1990s to the same problems still a problem in 2016. This should indicate to those talking heads that the solutions have not only failed but have in fact worsened the  evolution of the problem. In 2016 we are now faced with collapse of state institutions and the same old is being sold once again. What is most disturbing is the resort to colonial barbarity as the knee jerk solution such as beating students in school and incarcerating them in facilities yet to be defined. But the usual whipping boy always comes up we as parents who have failed to raise law abiding children. Parents in T&T have been continuously blamed for the ongoing failures of politicians since the 1990s. You are doing everything right and necessary to raise your children properly you provide, you impress upon them the need for education and discipline and to follow the straight and narrow path. But whilst you are working hard to make ends meet and raise your children with loving care an organised criminal group wields illicit power with impunity over your space and has the power of life and death over you and your family. The politicians when they visit is when they want your vote then disappear the police enter with force kick doors in grab people and leave and its back to basics the Don rules with impunity. The impunity of the Don constantly sends the message to my children that their parents are imps powerless strugglers broken living by the pawn shop whilst my crew wearing brands as the latest Jordans and you wearing a cheap no name from Charlotte Street. In this reality in spite of all your effort one or more of your children will be tempted away and snatched from you and you are powerless to stop it. They blame us to avoid taking the blame that is theirs to answer for. Blame the victims and exonerate yourself. What I love to read is those who say they are privileged and well adjusted relate tales of their great parents but they didn’t grow up and live under the rule of the Don. When they call the police they come but others are afraid to call the police as they are convinced that they are in the dance with the Don. Remember death to informers. Every day is  a lesson in powerlessness and being a multiple bitch to multiple masters. Since the 1990s what is going on in the schools now has been going on but now it is a great revelation a media frenzy as if it is brand new. The evolution of gangland has reached the schools and since the politicians failed miserably to secure the schools in the 1990s then in 2016 it is now Dodge city without Marshall Dillon. If any person in these schools are delusional to  believe that they will strike these gang players in the schools and it is business as usual. To strike a gang member or the family of a gang player is an act of war it surpasses disrespect and you have in fact called out the member and the gang. Hope you the striker have your vest and AR-15. Those who intend to excise troublemakers and place them in a specific educational facility for them then you are creating a gang battleground where members will fight for rank and aspiring members will be bloodied and those who among them who can be persuaded to change will be consumed. This will be a gang remand yard. You cannot use your reality to solve problems that you are not part of persons who live the reality are the ones to guide not be silenced. But the entire media is dominated by those who don’t live the reality moralising  for those who live the reality and persons who live the reality are silenced. That is why it done now. Time for me to go.