2 thoughts on “Article on Caribbean reality

  1. truetalk

    The article on Black Politicians and the Arab Syrian minority…is very interesting, good writing.
    Minister Weston must be wary of three realities though. They are:
    1. He is playing a dangerous game that can cause his disappearance or removal from power. A game of entice and whistleblowing may come into play and he may be asked to leave the Cabinet, as some form of propaganda or accusation will be brought against him.
    2. By empowering the blacks, he can create a shift in the balance of power relations that can result in an explosive game of tug of war, a la Sadiq Baksh and St Barbs.
    3. Weston may be trying to create a common enemy to engage and solidify his hold on power. If he can create fear of an enemy, then regardless of his performance, the masses – out of fear spread by propaganda – will blindly support his Party. This is the underwritten policy of PNM campaigning in T&T, where they create a fear and scorn for the ‘classless, unsophisticated, corrupt, drunkard Indians’. The PNM is portrayed as the righteous Party, and the UNC is seen as the gutter, outside Party, an alien to governance. Based on the fear and mistrust of the ‘Indians from South Party’, the black masses, mixed with the ‘knife and fork crew’ who speak in a British Creole accent, dance to the tune called by the Arabs and played by the PNM ‘pied piper’.

    The T&T Arabs placed Jwala Rambaran on the knees of the Minister of fiance to be spanked and sent to his room for calling out their FOREX usage. The policies are being dictated to assist in the creation of projects to benefit NH International or some other construction firm to build houses and the rapid rail. As such, a reduction in fuel subsidy may be in order to push persons from vehicles to the rapid rail.
    Note, you do not play on the game using T&T monopoly money. Product is payed for in US, hence the need for it.

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      Thank you. The reality you describe in T&T is very complex but I no longer speak on these realities as there is no profit in it. I did this when I was young compared to now and I am still paying the price. In Antigua the Senator is the creature of the PM and is still in the government.


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