Lessons from Paris 2015, Brussela 2016 for T&T

Do you think the politicians of T&T and the non-elected politicians of the national security apparatus learnt anything from the Paris 2015 and Brussels 2016 attacks? Do you expect them to have learnt anything? Do you think that they have unearthed the IS network in T&T and dismantled it? Do you think they have “persuaded” a member or members of this network to reveal the identities of those who left for Syria, those sleepers waiting to be awakened in T&T and those who support the network in T&T? Why expand the remit of the SSA but still deny its employees the power granted by being precepted? Why deny the SSA the power to deploy and strike with a duly constituted adequately trained unit to intervene, arrest and to interdict? Why must the SSA generate intelligence then wait for another agency to act? Did the politicians learn from Brussels 2016? When will the politicians get around to bringing the criminal justice system into the 21st century? When will the Office of the DPP be fully staffed to ensure it accomplishes its constitutional remit? When will the politicians deal with a prison system trapped in the colonial 19th century? When will the politicians deal with the constipated criminal courts as they and the non-elected politicians talk zero tolerance that constipates the courts but the politicians expend no resources to deal with the expected constipation? When will the politicians and non-elected politicians stop viewing the remand yard as a holding bay for a social  problem a holding bay that breeds predators who leave the holding bay and prey on us not the politicians? That is why if and when IS decides to attack the energy infrastructure of T&T who and what is going to stop the attack? The same politicians and the non-elected politicians?


4 thoughts on “Lessons from Paris 2015, Brussela 2016 for T&T

  1. truetalk

    Hydrogen Peroxide is the liquid of choice. Used in several operations; including Brussels. Question is, have the agencies put things in place to monitor this? They may not.

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      In T&T every input is available from the arms traffickers all you need is the connection and the right currency. No need to play industrial chemist in a makeshift lab.

  2. truetalk

    True. Missiles and grenades have been here for a long time and they continue to be brought in without hindrance. Heard stories of things coming up on the south western peninsula and then entering cars of rich ‘innocent looking’ businessmen. It is such an irony that the Cap de Ville Police Post is on the junction where everything passes. Also, the Erin Police Station is on the only road in/out of Erin beach, where you can go and order anything from the mainland and it will meet you on the beach.
    When last have we heard of the Coast Guard intercepting a shipment of arms? Or Customs? Now SSA is going to be given ‘broader’ powers, when they didn’t even use the power that they had.


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