Salafi Jihadi Caribbean style

Click the link and experience a short sample of Salafi Jihadi discourse that flows with world Salafi Jihadi discourse but it is articulated right here in the Caribbean. Do not fret nor worry the same discourse is also articulated right here in T&T but the articulators choose not to place their images and words in the public domain, on the worldwide web, on You tube. Their strategy calls for a different tact which is summed up in the words repeatedly used in public: Islam is a religion of Peace! Listen and learn.

6 thoughts on “Salafi Jihadi Caribbean style

  1. truetalk

    To what end is this discourse being articulated in T&T? Is it to bring sharia law here or to take persons to the proposed Caliphate in Syria/Iraq?

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      The strategy is to acquire hegemony over Islam in T&T/ the Ummah in T&T where every Masjid will speak with the same Salafi Jihadi voice. From this hegemony the ancillary strategies will bloom.

  2. truetalk

    Every Sunni Masjid. Saw ISIS destroying Shia buildings in Iraq. They were also destroying museums and relics of former civilisations. Does that mean that if the salafi jihadist discourse is accepted in T&T, that the infrastructure of this society as well as images or habits that are incongruent with the discourse will be considered bonafide targets? Therefore apart from human casualties, salafi jihadism may choose soft targets such as buildings and other structures that reflect Western Culture? TV, Radio Stations, Fast Food outlets such as Pizza Hut, KFC etc.?

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      Iraqi reality is not T&T’s reality as in Iraq the Shia are the overwhelming majority with the obverse being the reality in T&T hence every Masjid in T&T is a target. The agenda the Salafi will follow in T&T will be set by various local and international groupings. Some will insist on purging Islam in T&T of all Shia, Sufi, Tabligh Jamaat and Deobandis others will insist on attacking the interests of the international enemies of Islam in T&T whilst others will insist on Muslims leaving T&T in the Hijra to Muslim lands.A diverse reality for the national security apparatus to deal with.

  3. Jack

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