Murder T&T 2016 realities

PLOTT has released today its “Crime analysis: a review of murders year to date 31-Mar-16. As at March 31, 2016 the murder rate was 113 murders with 77% of victims shot dead. The areas where the bodies of victims were found were as follows: 31% East POS, 27.4% East/East-West  Corridor, 20.4% South, 12.4% Central and 5% West. When you aggregate the stats for South and Central the total is larger than that for East POS and for East/East-West Corridor (non-aggregated). The figure for South places it in the same league as East/East/West Corridor. The geography of murder is now changing and we now have three areas that are the murder zones of Trinidad and Central sandwiched between the Corridor and South will be impacted sending the rate in this area upwards. This reality must be visualised in the context of a detection rate of 3% to 9% in 2015. I have already on this blog posted on the changes in the trade/game that have influenced this change in geography. I have said enough. What are the politicians elected and non-elected doing to deal with this reality that is now past a crisis and in the realm of state failure?

1 thought on “Murder T&T 2016 realities

  1. truetalk

    Textual deconstruction of discourse:

    Minister of National Security says that he is declaring a sense of war on criminals. He also said that the Nation should expect more murders.

    The Minister – being a soldier – knows of one way in dealing with the issue, and it is not about penal reform, or legislation, but WAR. I interpret his words to mean that he is going to start killing the criminals covertly and it will look like murder, but is war.


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