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Nicolas Maduro and us

My article titled “Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela and the end of the Chavez experiment” has been posted to my website. Maduro has made the rounds of the Caribbean island chain sharing out promises as in the case of T&T and the members of Petrocaribe all in one week. At the Petrocaribe council of Ministers held in Caracas last week first gas from the Loran field via T&T was promised to the Caribbean member of Petrocaribe then it was the creation of a gas pipeline from Venezuela to these member islands. Maduro is playing out of Chavez’s playbook drawn up for a match long ended as he is seeking to preempt an imperial agenda by being everything to everybody in an attempt to hopefully distract from harsh realities at home worsened by his unannounced and unexplained austerity medicine applied to Venezuela as Venezuelans labour under Maduro’s austerity that he terms the “economic war”. Maduro is playing survival politics hoping that 2017 will be better but the three card shuffle now you see it now you don’t others are willing to play with Maduro in the quest for gas is a game which potently indicates the unfavourable news received in London town during the visit. Added to this are the news reports that Shell is seeking to sell USD 30 billion in assets including its assets in T&T to pay down on the huge debt they now carry after gulping BG. Maduro is in play, T&T is in play and Shell is in play and can play T&T in the gas play. That is what you call symptoms of a failed paradigm. The article on Maduro is at:!caribbean-social-order/gcovi


Update on Illicit Drug Trade

An update on the Caribbean illicit drug trade is available at the link below.

It is now apparent that Tobago has been absorbed into the Eastern Caribbean Trafficking Pipeline (ECTP) and the new order is being written on the ground. Wonder where are the naval assets now necessary? They gone to Brazil! Learn from the reality of Puerto Rico as the economy stutters those who have will refuse to lose their possessions and will surrender to the MTTOs. Endemic corruption will now evolve into the zombie apocalypse T&T style. All the talking heads with their failed solutions and explanations will grow increasingly intolerant of views opposed to theirs and will repress those who choose to openly question their repeated failures. This small number of dissenters will be silenced using any means necessary as the majority concentrate on eating ah food by any means necessary: zombie apocalypse Caribbean style. Pax Mexicana !!! Ah leaving on ah jet plane .

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T&T in ISIL/IS fighter files

ISIL/IS entrant processing forms for 4,178 fighters entering ISIL/IS territory from 2013 to 2014 were analysed showing two entrant forms for two fighters from T&T but there were 935 entrant forms without country of origin stated. The treasure trove of these forms is ISIL/IS’ line item that asks entrants if they have a recommendation and from whom? Wonder if the intelligence agencies of T&T have copies of these forms? If so what have they done with the intelligence treasure trove on these forms? See my analysis at this link

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