Update on Illicit Drug Trade

An update on the Caribbean illicit drug trade is available at the link below.

It is now apparent that Tobago has been absorbed into the Eastern Caribbean Trafficking Pipeline (ECTP) and the new order is being written on the ground. Wonder where are the naval assets now necessary? They gone to Brazil! Learn from the reality of Puerto Rico as the economy stutters those who have will refuse to lose their possessions and will surrender to the MTTOs. Endemic corruption will now evolve into the zombie apocalypse T&T style. All the talking heads with their failed solutions and explanations will grow increasingly intolerant of views opposed to theirs and will repress those who choose to openly question their repeated failures. This small number of dissenters will be silenced using any means necessary as the majority concentrate on eating ah food by any means necessary: zombie apocalypse Caribbean style. Pax Mexicana !!! Ah leaving on ah jet plane .

Click to access d0264a_aa5b91fc6293448b9b1f6204cf3622d3.pdf

2 thoughts on “Update on Illicit Drug Trade

  1. truetalk

    Please comment on the find about two weeks ago, where a house in Barrackpore was raided by the Police and they arrested a local cooker with a female national from the Dominican Republic. Cocaine was found in cooking pots being ‘cooked’.

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      In what was made public the following is noteworthy: the arms found are those preferred by the MTTOs and their affiliates, it was a cooking operation for retailing of crack and where it was found. The foreign national present points to the new order of affiliates. This is the order that has been written on the ground in South and Central T&T and the business model is being replicated with the impact of growing violence in the social order. An under-exploited market is the target and the means to exploit it is now in place. Wholesale and retail drug markets in south and central T&T will soon become commonplace.


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