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Southcom Commander says IS network in the Caribbean

Admiral K. W. Tidd made a speech in July 2016  on Latin American and Caribbean security where he stated that there was an Islamic State network operating in the Caribbean. My  analysis of this speech is on my website: at:

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A study of the evidence presented on the deal with HSBC bank and the Obama administration after HSBC was caught money laundering in the US as the bank was too big to jail is posted at:

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Multiple Shootings in Enterprise Deja Vu

The multiple shootings at Enterprise, Chaguanas on July 17, 2016 presents a case of Deja Vu. An interview with the forensic pathologist who did the post mortem examinations on the bodies of the three victims published in a daily newspaper points to three shooters with one specific shooter armed with a rifle using 5+ mm rounds charged with the task of taking out Selwyn Alexis. This was done with a single head shot which exited the head of the victim with the devastating effect expected of a rifle most likely an AR-15. The sophistication and discipline of the operation along with the arms used exceed those expected of a supposed street gang. El Sicario? Who then did the training of this alleged street gang hit squad and what is the source of the arms? To-date this supposed hit squad is still out there untouched by the state agencies responsible for  public safety. The other scenario arises of a third party with the power, resources and manpower creating the hit where both sides of the alleged war now fall on each other with the third party manipulator seizing control by eliminating stumbling blocks to expansion of the new order on the ground. In both scenarios the national security apparatus is once again in the slumber of denial. Remember this is not the first of such sophisticated hits in Trinidad.

Cocaine in the Pepper Toronto

Canadian media reported that  on June 23, 2016 17 packages/ 19.34 kilos of cocaine in two cartons of a shipment of peppers from Trinidad via air freight were seized at the Lester B Pearson International airport, Toronto by CBSA. The seizure on June 23 was reported in the media on July 8 indicating the usual investigation before disclosure with no report of arrests made public to-date. The methodology used indicates the lack of trafficking imagination and expertise of the traffickers in Trinidad. Peppers on top of 17 packages in just two cardboard boxes out of a shipment of peppers will not mask the product from any form of detection. This was a give away shipment which alerted the CBSA to the need to intensify surveillance of passengers and freight from T&T. The purity of the 19.34 kilos will explain the reality of origin and capacity. To lose MTTOs product in this way results in a very short trafficking career with them and you and your family will pay for the loss in a variety of possible ways.Don’t lose your head!!! All the signs point those who are not within the ambit of the MTTOs which raises the possibility of “information from an unknown source” creating the seizure. This is how you clear the forest of deadwood to allow the dominant to thrive and this clearance is going all the way to the old top which will become topless. Pax Mexicana!!! I have noted those in opposition today ranting and raving about the escalating crime rate in central Trinidad. But I remember well during their heady days in state power when I repeatedly warned the surge was on the ground and would soon become a wave. I reported that Chaguanas East and Couva North will be the terrain of the first phase. What was my reward for doing my national duty? Maybe it was my dismissal from UWI? I wonder if the present government is interested in what I have further to say? Ah still wondering.

Hot peppers can’t conceal 20 kg of cocaine on Trinidad flight at Toronto airport: CBSA


The Cocaine bust and desperation

All that is reported in the newspapers on the largest cocaine bust made by the TT coast guard since 2005 reveals the dishing out of large doses of kool aid by the non-elected politicians of T&T that is meant for public consumption but they the dispensers are drinking their own kool aid. This is desperation. A pirogue with a single outboard engine with a crew of 8 males is not how product is run northwards in the Caribbean by the MTTOs. The boat has at minimum two outboard engines each pushing 200 hp with a crew of minimum two but no more than three. One engine with a crew of 8 is then boys on a lime or hustlers who cannot work for the MTTOs. 98 kilos in 85 packages is not how the product is packed. The players place a kilo in a brick so 98 k is 98 bricks and not in crocus bags hustlers again. When the kool aid boys shout all over the street value of the seizure that have to be swallowed with a salt factory. The value of any illicit drug on drug markets is determined by the purity of the product so 90% pure MTTO bricks sets the standard 60% pure and 50% pure is junk as it was stepped on. When you pay top dollar for this junk and then go to step on it to retail it then your yield is pure junk. People then go to war gang related murders? The fact that 98k were in 85 packages in the GAME sends the message that the bricks were opened stepped on and repackaged not to industry standard. All indications being in the quest for 98k which you ain’t have you take your 45k and turn it into 98k. A recipe for gun violence hence the crew of 8. So kool aid boys when yuh beating yuh own drum tell us what is the purity of the cocaine seized. What about all the 90% pure moving in and out in the shipping containers?