The Cocaine bust and desperation

All that is reported in the newspapers on the largest cocaine bust made by the TT coast guard since 2005 reveals the dishing out of large doses of kool aid by the non-elected politicians of T&T that is meant for public consumption but they the dispensers are drinking their own kool aid. This is desperation. A pirogue with a single outboard engine with a crew of 8 males is not how product is run northwards in the Caribbean by the MTTOs. The boat has at minimum two outboard engines each pushing 200 hp with a crew of minimum two but no more than three. One engine with a crew of 8 is then boys on a lime or hustlers who cannot work for the MTTOs. 98 kilos in 85 packages is not how the product is packed. The players place a kilo in a brick so 98 k is 98 bricks and not in crocus bags hustlers again. When the kool aid boys shout all over the street value of the seizure that have to be swallowed with a salt factory. The value of any illicit drug on drug markets is determined by the purity of the product so 90% pure MTTO bricks sets the standard 60% pure and 50% pure is junk as it was stepped on. When you pay top dollar for this junk and then go to step on it to retail it then your yield is pure junk. People then go to war gang related murders? The fact that 98k were in 85 packages in the GAME sends the message that the bricks were opened stepped on and repackaged not to industry standard. All indications being in the quest for 98k which you ain’t have you take your 45k and turn it into 98k. A recipe for gun violence hence the crew of 8. So kool aid boys when yuh beating yuh own drum tell us what is the purity of the cocaine seized. What about all the 90% pure moving in and out in the shipping containers?

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