Multiple Shootings in Enterprise Deja Vu

The multiple shootings at Enterprise, Chaguanas on July 17, 2016 presents a case of Deja Vu. An interview with the forensic pathologist who did the post mortem examinations on the bodies of the three victims published in a daily newspaper points to three shooters with one specific shooter armed with a rifle using 5+ mm rounds charged with the task of taking out Selwyn Alexis. This was done with a single head shot which exited the head of the victim with the devastating effect expected of a rifle most likely an AR-15. The sophistication and discipline of the operation along with the arms used exceed those expected of a supposed street gang. El Sicario? Who then did the training of this alleged street gang hit squad and what is the source of the arms? To-date this supposed hit squad is still out there untouched by the state agencies responsible for  public safety. The other scenario arises of a third party with the power, resources and manpower creating the hit where both sides of the alleged war now fall on each other with the third party manipulator seizing control by eliminating stumbling blocks to expansion of the new order on the ground. In both scenarios the national security apparatus is once again in the slumber of denial. Remember this is not the first of such sophisticated hits in Trinidad.

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