The 2016 MESSAGE of the Islamic State to T&T

The interview of Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi in the premier English publication of the Islamic State Dabiq 15 has triggered a media feeding frenzy in one specific media house. What is apparent in all of this is the abysmal ignorance of Islam, the IS and the fighters of T&T in IS, attempt to sensationalise specific sections of the reality and the political agenda driving the process all of which do no good for the welfare of T&T. My analysis of the interview is posted on my website.!islamic-extremism/eib2q

4 thoughts on “The 2016 MESSAGE of the Islamic State to T&T

  1. truetalk

    Who then is Sa’d? It is interesting that Crawford’s mother did not give any hint as to his death, yet she said that he was not coming back to T&T, perhaps a covert way of suggesting that he died.

    Why are there so much snipers from TT? Is it that there are persons training nationals in the skill of sniping right here in T&T?

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      Every Monday morning the Guardian has a new face for Abu S’ad and Shane Crawford whilst no one deals with the hard questions that arise from the reality and must be posed to the past and present government.When you enter the IS you indicate on an entry form what you want to do if with training you pass the test being a foreign fighter they put you in the forefront battle groups for the glory of IS. T&T snipers show commitment not necessarily great military ability as their death on the battlefield is practically assured proving the potency of the message of IS. Undertake hijrah and die for the cause. Imagine such commitment undertaking operations in T&T?

      1. truetalk

        T&T is ripe with soft targets as well as strategic ones that can have international impact. From the discourse of S’ad and your analysis, it seems that he is saying that everyone (besides subscribers of IS) is a bonafide target. Is it that there can be a Muslim on Muslim war, the IS members versus the so called apostate militant JAM as well as other Muslim groups who have subscribed to the religion of democracy?

        Is it therefore in the interest of ‘other Muslims’ to get rid of IS members here?

        Is there the possibility that the alleged 9 deportee IS subscribers who are being return from Turkey, can be extradited to the US if the US makes the request on the grounds that there were members of a terrorist group who were fighting against the US, and who claimed responsibility for attacks in the US, France and Belgium?

      2. dauriusfigueira Post author

        The article presents a wish list of targets to suit the intent of multiple attackers as in France and Belgium. The softest targets are the Muslims and there are those in T&T not named as they are not considered Muslims by IS the Shi’a and the Ahmaddiya but targets of extreme violence. The question is if those caught in Turkey are threats to the US meriting the red jumpsuits and Guantanamo Bay? Why must the US take T&T’s fat out of the fire when all we are doing is hand wringing?

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